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  1. Yes I did. I went into the Sound settings on the live menu, selected AV Sync. Adjust and disabled the Bypass option. This stopped everything going out of sync. Hope this helps
  2. I've got a 47LB650V and at the beginning of the month the TV was upgraded to the latest firmware. The upgrade went okay, however, since then anything played through the HDMI channels, the audio goes out of sync and its frustrating, not even the audio sync settings help. I have to change from HDMI to Live TV, then back to HDMI to resync it. It happens on Bluray, Wii U and Satellite, and is very annoying. Any solutions?
  3. Hey, I'm having the same issue with my LG LB650, none of the apps work, except for the Web browser. Internet connection is fine. Keep seeing 'network error 4'. Even tried a factory reset and the issue persists. I've upgraded the firmware to the latest version too.

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