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Really really bad localisation

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Hi there,


just got myself a 60LB870V. While I basically really like the new fresh look'n feel of the GUI, I see some really really terribly wrong localisations in the menu. I'm in germany.


The worst example: In the picture submenu, where you select the picture format, the option for an overscan-free 1:1 picture was called "Just Scan" on previous LG sets. Also in the german GUI. Obviously no-one could think of a good translation, so it was simply left in english. Which was totally fine. But on the WebOS devices, someone with zero german language skills apparently took a dictionary and translated "Just Scan" into the german term "Jetzt suchen". This is totally ridiculous. :D Actually, "Just Scan" COULD indeed be translated into "Jetzt suchen", but this is a completely different meaning. Backtranslated to english, "Jetzt suchen" means "Search now".


This is just one example, but the worst I have seen so far.


Why some might think that this is just a cosmetical issue, the truth is that things like this are usually found in very very cheap, no-name products from China. In such a product, you don't expect anything better, but in an A-brand product like this top-range LG TV, this is simply embarassing.


My question to the staff here would be whether or not you are open to change this in a future firmware release. I would think that you should have some folks in your german branch office who should speak german well enough, but of course I would also be willing to provide you with a list of corrections. It's really not that much. So far I have found 3 or 4 examples like the one above. If you would value my input, I would go on searching.

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Well this is a community form, and I am unaware that LG people are visiting this site, maybe they do, but they sure don't let us know anything about it.


Over at the webOS developer forum, 

link hidden, please login to view
the developers from LG are frequently answering developer questions. Some people have tried to submit bugs and feature requests, but get reminded by the korean LG staff that this is not the correct forum, but they should rather contact LG support.


Register, and give it a try. But I doubt anyone will listen, that is the problem with big companies that are not primarily a software development company. 

One use asked the LG developers if they kindly could provide us with "release notes" for each update, but the answer was that it is not company policy. Meh!


Good luck! I also wish there was a way for us "super users" to work more closely with the LG webOS team, but I guess it is a distant dream. I wonder if they do any beta testing, and how?



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Hi there,


just got myself a 60LB870V. While I basically really like the new fresh look'n feel of the GUI, I see some really really terribly wrong localisations in the menu. I'm in germany.



I have also pinpointed localisation issues, in my case for the Greek UI (I think i have mentioned this in another thread also). It seems they just translate things without any QA process.


My main problem is with the fact that while the GUI buttons text should convey state, in the greek menu the text is as if it conveys action.


For example when something is active, the corresponding english text button will say "ON". This wording (although not clear at first) conveys state. Whatever the "something" is you know it's ON. If you push the button the text changes to OFF and therefore you know it's OFF. 


But in the Greek menu "ON" is translated to something like "ACTIVATE". This wording clearly conveys the meaning of an action and not of state. Anyone reading it will understand it as meaning "Push this button to ACTIVATE". But in reality pushing the button deactivates the corresponding setting. So the translation is so bad that it breaks the whole UI. I spent countless hours trying to use the LG Remote app on my iphone before I realised the above, and bear in mind I happen to be in the technology business. So although the webos foundation maybe good, little problems like translation issues can quickly escalate to a bad user experience.

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