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hi, mribeiro:

I'm looking some stuff like that too, but I'm feeling a little bit "padawan" to begin.


Try this


link hidden, please login to view


Found on Facebook here


Good Idea for a dev section ! but I can't swore to be very regular.

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Well it wasn't released yet but few days ago it was available on lg developer website.

It was due to mistake because it vanished on next day.


I have both 32/64 bit version for Windows, so if anyone want it i can upload it somewhere.

But from what i see it's still buggy.





-IDE (Eclipse quite similiar to old WebOS development IDE)



And here is Readme from package:




* Introduction
* System Requirements
* Main Features of webOS TV SDK V1.0
* Installation Path and Subfolders
* Documentation
* Code Samples
* Website

Welcome to webOS TV SDK. webOS TV SDK is a tool that provides
developers with tools for web application development and emulator for
testing application. This document provides system requirements, main
features of SDK, installation path, and link to code samples, etc.

* Operating System:
  - Microsoft® Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  - Mac OS X Lion or later (64-bit)
  - Ubuntu 10.04, 12.04 / Ubuntu Mint 13 (Maya) (32-bit and 64-bit)
* Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz or faster
* Memory: 3 GB or more of RAM
* Display: 1280 x 1024 or greater of screen resolution
* Graphic card: 256 MB or more of video memory
* Additional Software:  
  - Oracle® VirtualBox 4.2 or earlier (4.2.x is recommended)

link hidden, please login to view

  - Oracle JDK 1.7.0_45 or later

* Provides Command Line Interface (CLI) which is a command line tool for developing
  web application for webOS TV.
* Provides lightweight command prompt for executing CLI commands.
* Provides VirtualBox-based emulator to test application without real TV.
* Provides IDE and Sublime plugin to help developers easily create, develop,
  and package their application.

* Default installation path:
  - Windows: C:\webOS_TV_SDK
  - Mac OS: /opt/webOS_TV_SDK  
  - Linux: /usr/local/share/webOS_TV_SDK  

* Subfolders:  
  - Emulator: Virtual machine and emulator execution files
  - Resources: JRE and pathed files
  - CLI: CLI script files and Node.js files
  - SublimePlugin: Sublime plugin installation files
  - IDE: Eclipse-based webOS IDE program files
  - Uninstall: Uninstaller file for uninstall and add component

* For full documentation of webOS TV app development, see .
  - SDK Installation and Release Notes:
  - webOS TV Specifications:
  - UX Guidelines:
  - Platform specifications, API References, Tool Guide:

* Various code samples for web app development are downloadable from

* JS service code samples are also provided in

* Visit developer site for the latest news and downloads.



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I already uploaded 64 bit version :

link hidden, please login to view

Later on i'll add 32 bit.


aprox 1.5gb


But there are still some bugs : I couldn't open WebOS project wizard in Eclipse due to some error( earlier on i did something that it worked, can't do it again :P)

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I already uploaded 64 bit version :

link hidden, please login to view

Later on i'll add 32 bit.


aprox 1.5gb


But there are still some bugs : I couldn't open WebOS project wizard in Eclipse due to some error( earlier on i did something that it worked, can't do it again :P)


1. I can't start the emulator from either inside eclipse or from the executable in the corresponding folder.

2. I can't test on the TV since I don't know how to enable developer mode. Tried putting in some codes that worked in hp webos devices but no luck.


Let's hope by the end of the month the SDK gets officially released and we get a proper manual alongside it. Anyway, thanks for your effort Himself!

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      link hidden, please login to view to follow LG’s journey to creating a Better Life for All.
      # # #

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