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  1. Hello Flyke & HanoYs: In LG Store (at least in Spain) there is a Plex Client called PlayZ Media and it works fantastic. It's a creation of an Australian Guy. The first days (July 2014) it was called "Plex" but Plex told the creator not to use their name, so today it's called PlayZ Media... Here's the forum at plex https://forums.plex.tv/index.php/topic/115289-simonjhogans-plex-client-for-lg-smart-tv-webos/ And the Web page http://playz.sithari.com.au/ If the app is not in your country LG Store, I think in the Web there is a way to install it...
  2. Plex exists (since July) its called "PlayZ media" and works pretty well (some problems with mks subtitles)ç The native smartphone lg tv remote app already has a keyboard function. A smartphone app that plays the sound of the tv? I'm pretty sure that there is a way to do that. My props: GOOGLE APPS, specially Hangouts
  3. Ewen, use "Device Connector" -> PC ....then you will see your folders. But that is simple DLNA: after 3 years using Plex in my 2011 LG this is ridiculous...
  4. My old TV was a 2011 LG whith medialink (PLEX) it's a shame that in 2014s models like my 49LB87 you can´t use it. But yes, it is possible to see the folders in your PMS in a 2014 TV. Don't use smartshare app directly, you got to go to "Device Connector" and then "PC" ... then smartshare connects to your computer, but now it's able to see the folders... (excuse me for my english!)
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