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  1. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Can We Upgrade Webos 1.0 to 2.0 ? Can We Format it ? LG Tv is like hardware, and i think we can change firmware, right ? Like computer ? I think LG Tvs are history tragedy, The company without any Responsibility. 5.00.15 , USA , 42lb67000
  2. LG Smart TV Problem

    Hi I have problem with my smart TV with this specification "42LB67000GI", And i need your knowledge. So my problem is with "Web Browser" and i can't use "WiFi Direct", And i mention that i'm using a smart TV, -Web Browser problems : 1."Web page was unexpectedly terminated.To continue, reload or go to another page." 2."The page you are trying to view is too large.To continue, reload or go to another page". -Shown in pages including more than 27 items which you need to scrolling down. 3."This app will now restart to free up more memory". -Shown after you browsing sites including graphical pictures in the home page, like movie sites, LIKE netflix. -WiFi Direct : LG smart TV request password to allow my smart phone for connect to WiFi Direct, it's good and fantastic BUT THERE IS NOT ANY PASSWORD TO ENTER. Before anything Thank you for your viewing.