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  1. I had that, it would play for maybe 5 minutes then start to buffer but never goes beyond 25%. That's a DNS issue at least for me. Give you TV a static IP and try using the google DNS on the router or the TV.
  2. The TV can barely hold onto it's core functionality and does a borderline okay job at best. What makes you think it will be able to play h265 with a FW upgrade? Unless hardware accelerated TV will never be able to play h265, I really don't believe this TV has the processing power to ever get h265.
  3. Plex Server is free as far as I remember, you need to pay for plex pass if you want to watch your content remotely from outside your network.
  4. your actually better of downloading the latest Plex server which is what the LG SmartShare is based off of, and then you unlock all plex features on all devices. You don't need Plex installed on the TV as it will work with SmartShare, but if you get the app it is that much better. Personally I tried it but never liked the limitations with subtitles.
  5. mine has been fine on wired, kids using netflix's mostly and no issues thus far *fingers crossed*. The only time I use wifi is for miracast and that has been stable as well, little bit of artifact'ing but not bad at all.
  6. 55 seems to be okay, have yet to fully test switching between apps for crashing. This will be my last firmware upgrade, since I'm blocking LG on my router. I hate the fact it auto updates even if you tell it not to, 5.00.15 was the last working build and since I've had nothing but issue. I regret not keep a copy to downgrade to but will do with 5.00.55.
  7. I generally stay away from first gen products and should have stayed away from the 2014 generation, but go t the TV for cheap. I do not believe these occur on the 2015 generation since they have proper hardware to accommodate the software.
  8. Guys with network issues are you wired or wifi? This most certainly is my last LG TV, you'd think a TV should just work without ARC or inputs crashing. If the tv can't do basic tasks whats the point of the TV?
  9. Anyway to disable voice search once enabled without resetting?
  10. Got the OTA for the LB6500, anyone got a direct link to the Canadian firmware? I would like to keep it on hand in case I need to downgrade in the future. I have auto update disabled since 4.xx but with every update i get the NUF/NFU message on the screen and it still updates which is annoying to say the least as I would have stayed on 05.00.15.

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