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  1. Ouuuups ! I just try today (31 January 2020) to sign into my gmail account and , miracle, it is successful. Problem solved.
  2. No success with NFS on my oled55b9. So I solved the problem by using DLNA. I installed minidlna packet on my Debian/Jessie and now I can share my music/video/image without problem. I just regret that the FLAC files (music) are not compatible with webos4.5 Maybe this can help other people.
  3. I have the similar problem with my new oled55b9pla. I can not sign into Gmail. The internal webos4.5 browser is rejected by Google. What now...
  4. I just bought the oled55b9pla and found that my nfs share was inaccessible! With my Sony I bought in 2008 nfs was not a problem at all. I never thought this could be an issue in 2019 with a SMART TV. Not so smart after all.

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