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  1. Hi, I have an LG UF776 with 4.25.10 OS version. Do you know if exist an update official or beta?
  2. Hi, someone know which is the right beta firmware for UF776V TV model?
  3. OT. sorry if i go Out of Topic. My TV model is 43UF776V, on the back i read 4K @ 60Hz on the HDMI plug. If i read the manual, find HDMI 2.0 but LG on Twitter told me that i have only version 1.4 HDMI. What is the truth? I link the block scheme HERE
  4. Hi everyone, i just bought an LG 43UF776V. I updated software to the versione 4.20.50, someone know the changelog? Where i can see an official list of firmware updates for my TV? Thanks

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