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  1. I know that but I dont wont any 5.. firmware because they messed with picture quality and it is much worse than version 4 firmware .. Nothing much improved at all. So I red that 04.55.40 version has good picture and I wanted to try. If somebody has it please post link! Thanx!!!
  2. Please if anybody can post link to 04.55.40 firmware for Lb tv?
  3. Dont upgrade if you do not have to. Newer (5 and further) firmware is little bit faster but with worse picture (compared to 4..) and lot of bugs.
  4. I noticed severe degradation of picture quality with newer firmware. What are they doing? Picture is not sharp any more, but when you increase sharpness option it becomes even worse - unwacthable. Did anybody alse noticed it? I am talkin about good sources- bluray remuxes.
  5. Hello everybody! I have LB670 modeI and I upgraded to 5.00.40. I use tv only for watching movies. But after update picture is much much worse. It is like totally different (worse) tv. I wach bluray remuxes but I see artefacts everywhere. I tried to downgrade but after i accept "NSU upgrade" nothing happens. Please help!!
  6. Did anybody notice sharpness function changed for the worse? With the 5.00 and newer firmware thes changed something and I can not get picture to be good as before upgrading.. When you apply sharpess to 40 or 50 picture gets very bad. Before it was very clear and now it is just strange. You can see the all the dots and it looks as if the source is bad, but I am talking about remuxes of bluray. Anybody noticed something similar?
  7. Thanx!!! I tried first to downgrade via usb and file is not recognized.. It seems it is possible only to upgrade. Newer file is recognized.
  8. Hi, Is there a way to upgrade firmware via usb? Thanx!!

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