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  1. 1) I don't know. You might try, then be able to tell us. :-) 2) Why take the detour via the TV? Your camcorder may well have a USB port. - Yes, there are versions of USB and types of connectors. - Me, I think that I would try to use microSD cards and a multi-connector card reader. (Much more versatible than USB sticks.)
  2. I don't think that our wish (yours and mine) is as realistic as we think. A television or a monitor is set to one input. Once, you had these "radio buttons" that live on in computer speak: always exactly one button down. If there is no signal on that input, then there is whatever noise.
  3. I'm not familiar enough with the features of webOS devices of even my older LG television to have a Plan A answer. I seem to remember that my old Nexus 5 smartphone (by Google, but made by LG) could directly cast to my LG smart tv (requiring no other hardware). Plan B answer: receive the streams on another device (like a smartphone) and cast these to your screen using a Googlecast or similar device. I recently replaced my older Apple TV and Chromecast devices with Mi Box S devices (by Xiaomi). These suit me, but they have a limited framerate at 4k. Or the HDMI version may be a bottle

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