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  1. But can't you update your version of the WebOS or maybe request for it if it's not manually possible?
  2. Really infuriating to read this. What even is their reason?
  3. If the app is not available in your Web OS, update the software. If you are unable to see it even after the update, contact a LG customer care executive. What's the model number of your TV? Is it a 2018 release?
  4. This is certainly very concerning. What's the average video quality on your Hotstar TV app? I think these issues are only temporary as it's a newly launched app. An update might be all that's needed. I also second George's suggestion to contact the Hotstar's customer care executive.
  5. Thanks again! This clarifies a lot of things. The recent LG models are ostensibly the first to get the Hotstar update.
  6. Hi, could you please share your exact model number?
  7. I agree. It's odd that Hotstar doesn't have 4K content given that it's a streaming giant. Thank you so much for the reply. I really appreciate it.
  8. This is very helpful. Thanks for the reply!
  9. Perhaps you should contact the Hotstar or LG customer support. You should be able to view the application by now. Are you operating the TV in India or the US? It seems like people in the non-Indian territories are having the issue with the Hotstar app.
  10. This pertains to the model 65UK6360PTE. Ideally, I want to stream TV shows/movies that are not available on the applications, but are present on streaming websites and can be watched through the browser of the smart TV. I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me if they are able to watch videos on the following websites through their LG smart TV: https://kissasian.sh https://flixtor.to
  11. Hi, are you able to use the Hotstar app on your TV now? If yes, any issues?
  12. Hi, can you see the Hotstar app now?
  13. Hi, what's the maximum display resolution on the Hotstar app for your TV?

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