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  1. How come it won't download OTA on TV? Always the same problem with OTA on my 42LB671V...
  2. Looks like LG has infiltrated a BS promoter here among us...not very mature do. Pardon my French pls.
  3. Dejan, I have experimenting all day long with all SW versions. SW 3 and SW 4 are FAR MORE OPTIMIZED for my 42LB671V then SW 5! Far more! Menu pops out in less than 1 sec. Didn't know this until today, or let me put it differently - I forgot how fast and fluent this TV was before. Beside this, I've never had issue with memory leak on this TV. I'm back again to 04.45.25 and that my final sw until series 6 is out (if ever). I'm not suggesting anyone to do the same, just bringing the info.
  4. It updated to sw 04.45.25. Same speed and fluency. Picture quality is the same as sw 03.23.24. Now it offers another update (don't see what sw is). I'm going to continue with it. I'm thinking that maybe all these updates over time create bugs somehow. Hope it will be all ok now
  5. I'm back on 03.23.24. You would not believe how much faster and fluent is this sw compered to sw 5.00!!! Now I can see clearly that all these updates are more bloat than improvement! When I check update it offers me sw 4, not sw 5 and I'll do it, but if it's not fluent like sw 3, I'll go back again to 03.23.24 and just forget about updates for a while.
  7. Huge lag during picture processing (grains of sand in picture, corrected for a moment and back again). Menu is slow as hell. Far more slover then .55! Noticable slowdown in everything on tv, along with poor picture quality (compared to .55).
  8. 5.00.60 is "the worst" sw as long as I have this 42lb671. Very poor picture quality and a "huge slow down"! I will need to downgrade, for the first time
  9. LB671V on 5.00.55 is having bugs and odd behavior in general (HDMI, mode switching, volume, many small things) after 4-5 days of using. This is first time that I have bugs since I bought this tv.
  10. And I was thinking there is something wrong with my tv... I confirm worse picture too on 5.00.15 on my 42LB671V.
  11. Hello, 42LB671V updated to 05.00.04 and now there is a problem in Smart Share section becouse TV cant play mkv files from usb stick anymore. Never had this issue before on older fw-s. This problem has occurred after resetting to factory settings. It was not present right away after OTA update to this fw. Any idea how to fix this?

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