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  1. Sir, from the bottom of my heart...thank you. This worked. It frees up my Apple TV for another set in the house, and it was a simple fix, delivered politely. I do feel silly for not having known one could subscribe to HBO through Hulu. Have a great day and thanks again!
  2. Hi George. No, the app is not on the set, nor available in the store. I’m in the US, so it’s not a regional issue; I have HBONow on my iPhone and iPad. I’ve downloaded the TV casting app on my phone and TV, still can’t cast HBONow. Screenshot is to show you which LG tv I’m working with.
  3. Yeah, I know. I looked it up, lol. No worries. I have a guy who does TV & stereo installs coming to fix the crappy install job that came with my Amazon delivery and I’ll ask him about it. If worse comes to worst, I’ll have him hook my old AppleTV box back up to this new television which will solve my problem. Was just hoping to have fewer remotes to wrangle. Thanks. 🙂
  4. You told me to get amazon Prime or cast it from my phone. Those are some high tech sophisticated methods right there. I told you I’m not paying for amazon prime and I can’t cast it from my phone. Very likely I’m doing something wrong while trying to cast; I already told you I’m not technologically savvy. So the fact that your (lucky lucky) wife can do it is of no use to me whatsoever and just reinforces your general dickishness as you try to make me feel stupid. P. S. I don’t know what a C7 is so that little tidbit is wasted on me.
  5. Lol. You are quite the condescending little shit. Are you trying to help? Or just getting off on your little superiority complex? Either way, I don’t want any more of your “help.” Thanks anyway.
  6. Doesn’t this necessitate me subscribing to, and paying for, Amazon Prime? I don’t want to pay for any more subscriptions than I already am: Hulu, Netflix and HBONow.
  7. There is no HBONow app in the App Store and when I try to watch it in the browser it tells me I need adobe flash player which isn’t supported by the TV. Forgive me for not expressing myself well. I’m a technological dunce. My understanding from doing a little internet research is that this is an ongoing issue and no one can get HBONow on their LG TV. Except you, apparently. I’d love to know your workaround but if it’s overly technical, I’m afraid your instructions will likely be wasted on me.
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