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  1. It is no longer available. The update has too many issues. Disable simple link and you shouldn't have any more out of memory issues.
  2. The update was pulled. Are you using a receiver with system link? What model is the receiver? I had the same issue with the ub9500 but luckily I was able to downgrade.
  3. I also have a pioneer and get this error. Might be related to the pioneer receivers. The update was pulled.
  4. I was actually able to get it done before I saw your post using the same technique. I am back to normal and everything is good.
  5. I am in the USA firmware after downgrade is HE_DTV_WT1H_AFAAATAA
  6. The downgrade installed a firmware meant for a EU TV. Now I am unable to update and in the service menu it has some errors forHDMI 2.0 is listed as NG and the country code has EU. The app store does not work either. How can I fix this? How can I install the correct firmware using the correct file?
  7. I was able to downgrade but no update found. I even reset the TV.
  8. I got a call from LG regarding the out of memory error. They said the engineers recommend simplelink off and they are investigating the issue. I am not receiving the error with it off. It might be related to the receiver brand. I have a pioneer.
  9. I am not trying to use it with this. I don't know how to do that. I use to be able to downgrade using a usb drive.

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