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  1. Posted October 19, 2015 - 04:57 PM Gulfstream2000, on 11 Oct 2015 - 5:49 PM, said: did you change the gateway on the TV to the IP address of your computer (just like the DNS on TV)? On the TV, i set the GATEWAY AND THE DNS to match the IP address of the PC.
  2. hi feraug, no problem - i am not an IT expert just my opinion. however in this case are we not actually saying the same thing ? so no matter what architecture the firmware is using, so in your picture - risc, should the firmware not work within its limitations ? if we had larger physical memory would that not just be hiding potential dynamic memory issue ? or am i missing something ?
  3. I dont believe the memory error is due to the size of the memory. Its how its managed. Most people seem to find intermittent watching time before the error occurrs and i know myself, sometimes its been every few minutes other times its gone all evening with no errors. If the physical memory size was not sufficient then basically it would never work ! I think its a poor show of LG with webos1.x How it could be worse than a previous tech generation is disgraceful. The only saving grace is they have improved the firmware with these latest versions, and without wishing to tempt fate 5
  4. tried 5.00.15. may be my imagination but everything seemed a bit quicker then the beta version. settled down to watch an amazon movie. 10 minutes in, app will restart to free memory ...........
  5. changed gateway to match the dns address, this then allowed the process to work.
  6. So think i have got a little further. My initial IP address i was substuting was the routers IP and not the pc itself. So doind a CMD line, IPCONFIG - i got the IP address of my ethernet port. Using this address i can now see in the .bat file cmd window: 2015-10-11 16:00 Tresolver.Execute: Request ID xxxxxx received from client xxTV IPxx regarding "lgtvonline.lge.com" of type A. So i am guessing that i am now receing comms from the tv and it is requesting the lgtvonline.lge.com site. However i can not get any further, nothing else happens. Another site suggest the in_dump.txt fi
  7. Good evening all, i am having some difficulty downgrading from the Beta 05.10.02 version to try the latest 05.00.15 version, so any help most appreciated ! I'm not really an IT network guy, so not so sure on whats going on. step 4) After obtaining MY IP ADDDRESS, do i need to remain connected to the internet for this process to work ? step 7) and 8) the .bat files open and remain open. ( After clicking allow by firewall ) however step 9) i am not so sure about. So from a hardware perspective, i now have my PC connected via an ethernet cable to the TV. I goto NETWOR
  8. maybe coincidence but since changing region from UK to SPAIN to get youtube app back, I havnt seen this error while streaming. might be nothing, but a simple thing to try ?
  9. well, out of curiosity I changed the region to spain ( just anything different from the uk ) and guess what, I now have youtube back in my list and a number of apps I don't recognise. so I wonder if setting the region purely dictates what apps you can see ? Anyway, EIFollaco - thanks for your input, since I at least now have youtube back !
  10. Thanks for feedback. Was this using OS 5.10.02 ? Yes factory reset done after new firmware. However you may have a point on the region. Its UK. maybe this has a bearing on whats installed.
  11. ok, after further viewing on ver .02 I've realised I have also lost youtube. taking my own advice I looked in the lg store but no youtube app. in fact none of the streaming apps are in the store, eg iplayer,Netflix,amazon. So anyone know, are these part of the OS itself rather than separate apps ? Regarding the memory error it seems to manifest itself after you've been watching a stream for a while ( maybe 45 mins + , also via the settings sequence I outlined earlier) then it will continue to happen every 60s or so until you turn the tv off then on again. Tried with direct Eth
  12. ok, found the right version of 5.10.02 - all sorted and updated. Could you guys try something ? AMAZON prime, watch a streaming video, then on the tv > select settings , then select advanced settings, Within 5-20secs For me, most times - this invokes a APP WILL RESTART to FREE UP MEMORY. Other times it may just stop the video streaming. Maybe its my configuration, but if universal will be useful for the developers to know. Thanks
  13. Also my tv will not see version 5.10.02, maybe just not compatible on this one. However disappointingly I am getting 'APP WILL RESTART TO FREE UP MEMORY' while watching streaming video such as from Amazon. The tv seems doesn't seem to like it when you go into settings say while in an app such as AMAZON or NETFLIX. Also the delay started to increase slightly becoming jerky when operating a function. Just done a factory reset and everythings quicker again, cant comment yet on the FREE UP MEMORY ISSUE. I just hope the release version has these things ironed out. Ive got a
  14. just noticed after the update.you tube as disapearered from the apps ? I didnt find it lost the youtube app myself, but you could try downloading the Youtube app again from the LG store ?

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