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  1. Hi , my tv is UF770V-ZB The I stalled software is 4.05.60 is there any newer version available ? Thanks David
  2. Shóuld have said after step,one dns was put back to normal and pc software stopped. The manual and subesquent updates came via the web......
  3. 1. Worked like a dream for me downgraded to 3.23.13 2. Rebboted now upgrading via manual update. 3. Upgraded to 4.30.16 4. Reboot and tv has found update via automatic update which is in progress 5. Udpate 5.00.04 installed Straight forward and worked without issue. Thank you Simon. David Isom
  4. Would/could a kind person please supply me/us with the instructions on how to downgrade. Have tried various links to russian forums but seems very complicated. It would be great if someone who has gone from 5.10.02 to version 4.xx.xx could provide a step by step guide. i am quite confident with pc's Many thanks in advance for the kind soul who takes on this for me. ps i am sure others would love a simple guide also. David
  5. Thank you. I hope so the downgrade looks really complicated. I tried to find an unpacker for windows in a hope to patch version number to 5.10.04 but no luck lg unpack version cant/wont handle secured epk. I am worried as version seems like the numbering has been done on purpose i.e beta made 5.10.xx on purpose.?
  6. Hello All, Does anybody If the the final over the air release will overwrite 5.10.02 or will we all have to downgrade to version 4.xx.xx David
  7. No need normally to reset. But the odd person has said for them they did need to. Glad you got it in the end. David
  8. The option to choose does not require re-tune the location is lg services country ! David
  9. Just change location in general menu then go to about TV and then select check for update. TV will do the east for you David
  10. Update you are correct I typed version number wrong it is 04.65.05 as you say. Sorry you did not notice speed improvement mine has been quite dramatic. Whether the factory reset makes a difference maybe ?
  11. Regarding my last post. Having had a a quick play I can say the interface is much much faster. Almost instant very pleased and happy with this update David 4.62.50 downloaded by changing country to South Africa. Hope you find it as good as I have !
  12. Hi I have a Spanish 32lb650v-zn model The last version I found about a month ago was via auto update location UK it was 4.45.25 and webOS was (Afro-arches) Today after trying lots of things I found a new version 4.65.05 and webOS It auto downloaded from South Africa Started up good and so far no,problems

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