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  1. w3ballergy

    AndroidTV on my LG TV

    Buy a chromecast and play all your android content there. Cheaper, better and safer.
  2. w3ballergy

    Lg store

    Select in your user settings your region and login with an account (that you need to create first). Then the contents will adapt to your region. If your country does not show up, then select the closest one that should probably have near your country.
  3. w3ballergy

    How ti installo silverlight for watching skygo

    You can't. Silverlight plugin (same thing with Flash) is not supported on LG web browser.
  4. w3ballergy


    The only program I know you can directly "stream" to an LG TV is Youtube IOS app. When you're playing a video in your phone, if this phone is in the same network as your TV, then Youtube should be able to detect the TV and a sharing option should show up in the app where you can select your LG tv. Probably some other apps should include that option, I think youtube is using the so-called ConnectSDK, not sure: http://www.lgwebos.com/topic/1456-lg-releases-connect-sdk/
  5. w3ballergy

    LG webOS 3.0 Information

    Well, I will keep my LG 65" (2014) stuck in WebOS2 as long as it lasts, but I am quite dissapointed with the LG regarding the firmware upgrades of the TV. I don't think other TV manufacturers actually do much better. I think, in the end, the best is to have your TV connected to a PC via HDMI or use something like AppleTV or Chomecast. No TV manufacturer will ever beat the variety of possibilities that an external device offers (specially a PC). We have to remember that TVs hardware are shit, so don't expect much out of them.