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AndroidTV on my LG TV

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Hi. I have 42" LG webOS TV from Europe. My question is: Its possible to install AndroidTV on my tv? Or install webOS 2.x? Its my device:


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Hello uszkix,

Sorry, but upgrade webOS to Android or webOS 1.x to 2.0 is not possible.

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Everything is possible, just that someone needs to understand the hardware and port the open source to that hardware. Without the gerber file will make the work super tough.

One question to ask is what is the motivation ?

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As long as there is CPU, mmu, any os can be executed. Like android, WebOS is still Linux base.

Anyway, it needs an army to do that. There is no motivation for hobbyist to do that.

MediaTek is making sure that the latest chip offers support for Android, WebOS (used by LG), while providing room for Panasonic to tweak it for their upcoming TVs based on Amazon's FireTV OS, according to CK Peng, marketing director for MediaTek's home entertainment business unit.

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