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  1. The other day my 2017 oped panel had a firmware upgrade from 6.00.25 to 6.00.30, curious anyone have any info on what this actually did. My theory is it relates to advertising, or have they closed off the webos sideloading, I cant fijd any info on it at all
  2. By "decoder" what device are you referring to, what are you decoding? You will need to make sure that CEC control is also switched on on the "decoder" for it to function correctly. I for example have a PS5, Nvidia shield, and Raspberry PI all connected to the AV receiver and my "magic" remote deffo control them all. If I didn't do it this way I wouldn't get things like TrueHD or Dolby Atmos from my other devices. In my example, I can for example I can press the "PC" button on my remote, and the PS5 will turn on, the TV switches to HDMI2 and then either remote can be used to control the PS5. If I then press the Netflix button on my magic remote, the AV receiver will switch to TV, arc will handshake and all is well. PC on my LG tv under input, it doesn't list all all devices, my guess its a limitation. The problem is that cec isn't always using the standard protocal many tv manufacturers have their own names for it. On my list it shows my Shield, PS4 and PS5 and Xbox, but doesn't show my Switch, Pi, Shield, or Snes. But all you do is select HDMI2 on the TV then pick the appropriate source on the AV receiver.
  3. You seem to have a weird setup, if using the denon on hdmi 2 you shouldnt have the need to use any other hdmi port on the tv itself. You talk about the remote cec controls not working but if setup on both the tv, receiver and end device correctly should all function as expected so I would look into that issue first before plugging in stuff on hdmi. And yeah you wouldn't get sound on the av receiver from devices plugged into HDMI 1/3 and directly connecting to the avr would give you lower quality audio (if using optical). I would recommend turning off all cec and arc and then turn it all back on, starting with the tv. I don't use the magic remote for much more than my TV, but testing it its working fine on the PS5 and my avreceiver remote is working fine controlling the TV apps and navigation. So for you make sure HDMI Control, ARC, TV Audio switching and Power Off Control are all set to On on your Denon, Denon also actually advice to reset the power to your TV when you edit arc and hdmi settings so reboot the TV (if you use LG quick start disable that first) Then on your TV make sure you enable Simplink and Auto power sync, and then set the TV audio out to Optical/HDMI Arc
  4. On your receiver switch to a different input so that they TV switches to HDMI2, then switch back to using netflix or what ever on the TV and this will temp get it working for you.
  5. Nope you wil find it works ok for a few days .. until you change source or maybe remove power from the tv and then it breaks again.
  6. Another red herring. Most users who experience this issue are using an AV receivers so will actually only have one HDMI input connected to the TV (all there devices connect into there receiver) . Also as arc/earc data is only sent down one hdmi (often #2) I doubt the TV is getting confused which path to send the data down, programming just doesn't work like that and computers don't get confused.
  7. Just do exactly as I said and it will work again. Not a perm fix and annoying but it will work for you. What I believe the fault is caused by is that loading an app the audio output when set to Auto fail negotiation. Changing source and then back to the app performs the handshake again and it works. I reckon it could be fixed if LG changes the Audio setting from PCM/Auto to PCM/Dolby/DTS
  8. Trust me it isn't that simple, so many placebos with this TV, people claim to change receivers, use brand new HDMI cables. We all know HDMI 2 is the only arc hdmi socket. Thing is when ppl make above changes, its almost as if it reset the TV and for a while it works and you think you have found the cause... only for the issue to return later on. There is no perm fix sadly and no company is holding their hands up ad admitting fault. My solution allows ARC to function 100% of the time but is in no way a fix.
  9. The "solution" really does work 100% of the time , sadly I've never managed to work out what is at fault ,the TV, or the AV receiver. I am confident it is not the HDMI cables, I've tried cheap, I've tried expensive, its a placebo effect when you change them and it works for a bit but it will fail again. As does turning off features on your tv or factory resetting the TV. I'm about 90% sure its the TV which fails to negotiate or even transmit any data over the hdmi but I can't proof this and LG will always pass the book to someone else. I'd love it if I could intercept the full hdmi signal and break it down. So in my case on my AV receiver I have all sorts plugged in, an xbox, switch, ps5, nvidia shield snes classic, wii. If I turn the Switch on, my AV receiver will auto turn to the Switch input and the TV auto changes to HDMI2 and then the little logo will pop up on the AV receiver to show its receiving an audio stream be it pcm, dts or dolby. I then will press the Netflix button (or Amazon or shortcut button to Disney+ etc) and my AV receiver will change from Switch to TV and the letter ARC will display on the receiver. Like you mentioned sometimes, it works as if there is no fault, I will turn the TV on using the Netflix button, and ARC just works, some annoying times i'll turn the TV on with the netflix button, the TV turns on, Netflix loads then almost instantly it switches to HDMI2, and then the PS5 auto turns on ... ! I just think Arc, HDMI-CEC etc is just bugged believe, other control codes are being sent by devices in invalid formats its just not a great tech. PS I prefer the Netflix app on the TV vs some version on on other streaming devices, mainly because of the supported audio formats, dolby vision and resolutions which aren't always fully supported when using a connected device. Also you then don't need an extra device switched on just to stream.
  10. This annoying bug has existed for a while on LG tvs right back to 2017 models and I am sure before that, but I kinda have a working solution. What you need to do is load up an audio source on HDMI (which ever is you arc arc output) and then once audio format is negotiated then switch back to your TV app such as netflix, etc. This works 100% of the time. So for example if you have let's say a ps5 or switch connected to your av received turn that on and wait for the av receiver to show a dts, dolby logo etc, I prefer to use my switch because it's the fastest to turn on. Then just load what ever TV app you want to Netflix, YouTube etc amd you AV receiver (if set up right) will switch to TV and the arc negotiation will work correct and ARC audio will work fine unti you turn off your TV. Ps turning off the tv doest always break arc, sometimes you turn it on after the above and it works as expected other times it still fails amd you have to perform the above step Pps, if you can see arc has negotiated but still not audio but maybe you see pcm logo even though you are using dts, dolby etc to fix that you need to set the to output to the tv then switch it back to hdmi. Do not use the optical lead, it doesn't support decent audio, most basic 5.1 amd in some cases only stereo.
  11. Around 3 weeks ago I got a notice on my TV (infact 2 notices, the same text) talking about a firmware update for my screen. It said this would be rolled out throughout December to different countries ... We are obviously past December and no update so where are we with it? The reason I want the update is the UK version of Britbox app is broken, it fails and the only way to launch it again is to perform a factory reset (its crashed for me twice, Ive performed one factory reset). I logged the fault with Britbox, they informed me even a factory reset isn't a guaranteed to work, the fault lies with LG. My theory is the Britbox app is running some function within webos which doesn't work right, possibly a read/write issue. I am in the UK on version 05.80.60
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