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  1. WebOS TV Firmware version

    I installed this new version last Friday. No differences for me, good performance with 5.00.60, good performance with the latest. Inviato dal mio ONE A2003 utilizzando Tapatalk
  2. WebOS TV Firmware version

    The link doesn't work. They released a new version?
  3. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Because Facebook didn't support WebOS and the app were discontinued and Google haven't released (and I think that never will release) new Google Apps for WebOS.
  4. WebOS TV Firmware version

    "LB630-LB870" also means LB650V serie?
  5. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Files with "-m14tv-32" are for western TV, with "-m14tv-39" are for eastern TV. So I think that Singapore 04.62.50 is a "-m14tv-39" update.
  6. WebOS TV Firmware version

    04.65.05 is WebOS 2.0 for 2015 TVs.
  7. WebOS TV Firmware version

    You can simply reply that you not plan to buy any LG TV in the future for shitty support.
  8. webOS 2.0 Information

    2K 2015 models and 2K 2014 models have the same hardware (Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 CPU and 1,5 GB RAM). There are differences in the 4K models that have in 2014 edition a Dual Core and in 2015 edition a Quad Core CPU. WebOS 2.0 must work on 2014 models.
  9. WebOS TV Firmware version

    TV: 50LB650V-ZN (from Italy) FW: 04.32.20 From the TV this is the last update. From italian LG website I can download the 04.41.32 version. Do you suggest to manually update to which version? In german website I found the 04.45.04 update but I see that many of you use new releases.