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  1. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Yesterday Got 5.00.15 official update Country : India Model : LG 42lb750T
  2. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Same here 5.00.04 removed from official site .now 4.62.50 available for download but i already updated to 5.00.04 Country :- India Model No :- LG 42LB750T
  3. I have downloaded Netflix app from Australia app store . And I am using unblock us DNS for watching Netflix and hulu in India on my PC and mobile. I configured DNS in my smart tv LG 42LB750T. But after launching Netflix app it display message that service is not available in your region but I am able to access Netflix and hulu in TV browser but coz of flash player limitations I am not able to play video in browser .. Does any one know why am getting that error in Netflix app but able to access in browser . Thanx
  4. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Yesterday I got official update 5.00.04
  5. WebOS TV Firmware version

    I got official update .. Country selected as India software version : 05.00.04 WebOS Tv version : 1.4.0-2504(afro-ashley)
  6. WebOS TV Firmware version

    No bro I was o 4.65.5 official version
  7. WebOS TV Firmware version

    @Mango goto setting - about tv click on software update coz it is not updating firmware automatically even if auto update is on .. just click on update u will get notifications that new firmware is available .. I got update today morning
  8. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Yeh.. finally received official update over air . model : LG 42LB750T Country : India
  9. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Guys i checked on official site of India region beta firmware is not available for LG 42 LB750T
  10. WebOS TV Firmware version

    i am from india having LG 42LB750T running 4.65.5 S/W version can i install firmware u mention
  11. WebOS TV Firmware version

    yehh if they dont want to provide flash player support or web os 2.0 update at least they should develop dedicated app for streaming like in india Hotstar and Sony LIV these are popular video streaming website in india and there is dedicated application available for android and ios and windows at least they should add these app to LG APP store
  12. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Latest smartbox has ability to Play Netflix at 1080p
  13. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Bro but android has dedicated app like dailymotion, Hotstar this App can stream videos we can play Videos on browser too without any issue
  14. WebOS TV Firmware version

    I don't want Facebook and tweeter on tv Tv has lot of bugs I think I had made big mistake by choosing Lg webos tv. I just want flash player support Nothing else I will suggest everyone please don't but smart tv Just buy branded full Hd tv and one smart box like minix Smart box has all features n m sure it will not disappoint you Regards
  15. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Forget about update nothing gonna change WebOs sucks without flash player