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  1. Software ver. 05.00.15 is out for my TV.. 55'' LG tv model 55LB671V-ZB seems to be working now.. not sure if everyone has the update available. but its here in Denmark and I turned OFF auto update.. I dont want them to fix it again.. if its working now..
  2. KDaver

    New Firmware 5.00.04 Broke my TV!!!!

    Post up the link to it.. I can nto seem to find the official forums
  3. I disabled the firewall in windows and on the Router.. and blocked port 80.. but still does the same thing..
  4. 8. Run startHTTP.bat and don´t close it can not get this to stay running. it shuts down right away.. running windows 7 as the admin. would love to downgrade this as my live chat with LG support did not go well.. and they say new update with in 3 weeks.. and they do not have an option to downgrade the WebOS. tired of it running out of memory.. just want the older version back. thanks in advance for your help with this.
  5. KDaver

    New Firmware 5.00.04 Broke my TV!!!!

    was in live chat for an hour.. the answer I got was turn off Simple link. asked about new firmware they said with in 3 weeks for a fix.. and there was no way to down grade.