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  1. Hope someone can help please. I have 79" UHD LG TV which has my Home Theatre amp (Anthem MRX510) connected to HDMI 3 to provide 4K content from my Mac Mini using Plex. I have recently signed up for Netflix and want to use the amp to rebroadcast the sound but when I switched on ARC it just killed the sound altogether. So a few questions first. 1. When Netflix is running which HDMI port would the sound come from? 2. Has anyone had any luck making ARC work with other equipment? 3. Would I be better switching to another HDMI channel to run Netflix and have a cable connected from the designated HDMI channel to the 2nd Monitor output of the amp (both outputs support ARC)? Thanks
  2. I already tried turning off Simple Link but didn't make a lot of difference, sounds like they are just trying to buy time until they figure out whats gone wrong...... As for down grading, you should have mentioned that on their official forums there is a way to down grade haha
  3. Well I had the LG technician come over to my place this week as TV is still under warranty and he didn't even know about Rev 5.00.04!!!! Safe to say that until a fix comes from LG don't hold your breath. I told the guy if it isn't fixed within a month then the TV goes back and I want a refund.....
  4. I have an LG 79UB980T-TA UHD TV that is fed from an Anthem MRX-510 amplifier generally displaying 1080p MKV files from Plex (via NAS). The question is how do I know if the TV is doing upscaling to 4K or not, is there anyway to tell as just saying it does is a bit dodgy to me (being a bit sceptical sort of person!)? Cheers
  5. My TV has just automatically installed the new firmware rev 5.00.04 and now the HDMI connection is dropping out every 5-10 minutes to my AV amp. It never did this before and it basically makes the TV unwatchable. ​I have even changed the AV amp to verify its the TV and it still does it. A factory reset hasn't fixed it either. My TV is a 79" 79UB980T and I am in Singapore. Anyone have any suggestions for a cure? Cheers

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