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  1. Oled65CX6LA shows no subtitles when playing movie from NAS only if audio format from the movie is not supported, like DTS. If audio format is supported, like AC3 then the TV shows subtitles. So there is in the software a link with the audio format and subtitles. Like: If audio format is supported then show subtitles (SRT) If audio format is not supported then show NO subtiles. It would be nice if this link in the software would be removed
  2. Hi, Since last update it is possible to choose subtitles (SRT) when tv is playing movies from NAS. However the subtitles are not displayed always when chosen, some times they are displayed, sometimes not. It seems the software is unstabile on this point or my Oled65CX6LA has a defect. My other TV Oled55B6V shows subtitles always. Any one the same problem?
  3. Sometimes the same problem here. If tv does not show new added files on NAS then i select an item in the Map Music. The tv will not see any files and will respond with empty .At the same moment the tv Will update DLNA now you can select new files in the map video.

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