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  1. is there a way to make the tv accept a logitec k380 bluetooth keyboard? regards, Jan
  2. What do you want to tell us? If you are bored then start doing something for your community instead of bothering other people with your state of mind. Regards, Jan
  3. @Rohit#7 if you wanted a Samsung why did you buy a LG? For the record, the number of available apps does not say anything about the quality of an OS. regrards.
  4. For those that want more, buy a raspberry pi, the new one has 8 Gb memory and a 4 core processor. Run a 64 bit Linux on it and you have a repo wih thousands of apps. If you let it boot from an external USB 3.2 (10 Gbit) 240 Gb SSD it will be fast. I received mine yesterday just have to assemble it. With a bluetooth keyboard and mouse you can serv the tv and the raspi.
  5. I usually inform myself before I buy something that will accompany me the next 5 years or more. I choose LG but not OLED which I think is a technique that is too young. If one want to be among the first to use a "new" technique then you may expect some problems. Time invested in comparing and reading about new "features" and problems pays of in the end. Adds and salespeople are not the best advisors, the internet is full of reviews waiting to be read. Regards
  6. @chriswv3 If you wanted a PC with the possibilities to watch television then you should have bought a pc with a tv-card. Regards, Jan
  7. Hi did you ever try to connect to a Linux PC? With a life-CD (Ubuntu) you may find that the filesystem is probably not windows-compatible. WD Nas formats disks in Linux-format ext2 or higher. Regards, Jan
  8. Because WebOS is more like real Linux I prefer it over Android. Unlike Samsung this TV-set is hardly spying on its users. Why did you not inform yourself before buying? Regards, Jan

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