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  1. But it’s not binary!
  2. I'm aware that it's a TC that displays whatever signal I feed it. That's how I'm using it. No free to air. No real app use. The only "issue" I'm having currently is that Dolby Atmos passthrough doesn't work with the Disney Channel app for an LG sound bar. By "seamless" what I mean is that the TV gets out of the way of the signal I'm feeding it. I'd like to use it like a dumb monitor for the Apple TV/DVD Player/Whatever unless I want some smartness. So get rid of the "no input" message that comes up while the Apple TV is connecting to the TV, let me hide the Web OS logo, just recognise that I'm using it for input only and don't want any other intrusions, until I ask for them. In one word: Elegance. Does that make sense?
  3. I actually wish it had a dumb mode where it just worked seaminglessly with my Apple TV, DVD Player etc.!
  4. I was experiencing what sounds like this problem. (C9 with sound bar) It wasn’t happening often and hasn’t occurred since the last firmware update about 10 days ago. Have you updated?
  5. It’s been good to see the system working more reliably. I just take automatic updates in the hope that it can’t get worse 🙂
  6. No obvious problems for me with an E9 and a C9.

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