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  1. New update is released (04.71.30) and the problem with the picture is still there. I contacted the LG so we will see.New update is released (04.71.30) and the problem with the picture is still there. I contacted the LG so we will see.
  2. Well, before I updated the firmware the "cheap line tv" had much better picture. So you see, your statement is irrelevant. BTW I found out how to precisely describe the poor picture quality. Its very similar to "water color" effect, more noticable on ppls faces which are in the distance.
  3. Just noticed the bad processing manifests in sligh posterization on the pic not only blurry text....sam on all inputs (videos from external drive and dvbt)....Will wait for teh next firmware update and if that doesnt fix I will jsut return the TV and never look back at LG....
  4. And we dont know when the next update is due nor if it will fix my pic. Never again LG. Bad image processing is driving me nuts, its new tv.
  5. I downloaded the latest WEBOS firmware (from LG offcial website for my model) for UM7XXX series (I have 55UM7450PLA) and the picture is awfull after the update! I was at 04.70.20 and the update which destroyed my picture (blurry logos and subs, heavy compression on the pic and logos) is 04.71.25. And Im afraid to revert with the guide I found becasue Im afraid I will brick my new TV. I already did cold reboot and revert to initial settings, changed alot of the picture settings but no help. This is disaster.
  6. Maybe I didnt noticed that before. But when watching TV programs (DTV, via antenna, DVB-T2/h265) I noticed that logos arent super crisp, sometimes like they have those artefacts around them, noticable specially when looking from close, like when you have in tube streaming, also similar artefacts can be seen when looking at TV telps with lots fo jpegs/inforgraphics). Its noticable on pictures (human faces) but less. Like some pixelisation. Some channels are better but....I doubt that has anytging to do with update but I want to be sure if that is possible....the last two updates (newer than my stock firmware) came with minor fixes (says nothing about processing or picture). What do you think? I have 55UM 7450PLA LED TV. I manually updated from 04.07.20 to 04.71.25 (firmware downloaded from official LG page for this model).

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