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  1. RT @ben_ferns: Happy to say you can now download #ShareVox, for all your multi-user location-based voxel-editing needs (notes in reply): ht…

  2. RT @warapuri: ついにUnityでここまでリアルにできた! https://t.co/gdXcGPza97

  3. RT @richard_oud: My robot reel is online.. Hope you guys like it! #HorizonZeroDawn #animationreel https://t.co/CMzPMgHL9W https://t.co/2QA9…

  4. https://t.co/QCTtM4T1Oc

  5. RT @CimmeriaStudios: A first look at our arrow teleportation mechanic in Beam. Would love to get feedback on peoples first impressions? #ga…

  6. Lucky Night Texas Hold Em Poker VR! https://t.co/HZuYHe5Zui via @YouTube @UnrealEngine

  7. great! how about walk? https://t.co/HnbV2udGAp

  8. I found this: http://blog.techflaws.org/2014/05/26/firmware-downgrade-for-lg-smart-tvs/
  9. The WebBrowser was locked in China. I've tried to downgrade the webos version, but it seems that the browser was still locked. Is there any way to unlock? by the way, my TV is UB9500-CA, can I update the firmware of UB9500(sales in the US) into my TV? There are more apps in English
  10. Kodi has lots of plugins and addons, so we can add what we want. The apps in LG Store are useless, most of us will buy a "android box"...
  11. I have both version of the firmware files, but I could not launch the "update program" with the old version epk file in a usb flash disk I want to that because the new version os disabled some features.....WTF

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