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  1. App is finally available for me on LG webOS but i cant seem to access my favorite titles even after logging in with my credentials. Only after i tried this method, been able to watch hotstar india ....saved my day!
  2. At times outdated firmware causes this disruption, try turning off as many options as you could with custom settings the issue will surely resolve. Good Luck!!
  3. I bought LG smart tv last month. All this time i have been configuring my subscriptions on the device but even after following all the steps to unblock 9 now i am still unable to switch between networks. When i tried it gives me error screen, have a black screen and bounces back to the main menu. Any ideas what to do?
  4. I fear you cannot change it as how they program it for the region or you may need to change the internal card which is again not a viable option
  5. I tired it via apk but it doesn't work maybe it will start working once its launched officially in the us market

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