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  1. I am having an issue with two of your tv's at my home with Apple HomeKit. I have a 55 inch and 65 inch OLED C9 TV. They are both compatible with HomeKit. Originally when I installed the TV's I had all sorts of issues with Apple HomeKit. For the Last 2 months Apple HomeKit has been working perfect with them. Now after a recent update to them via automatic updates, Apple HomeKit now has an issue viewing the tv on the HomeKit app remotely while the TV is OFF, It shows "No Response" in HomeKit. My TV's are hardwired via Ethernet cable. There are 4 states in HomeKit that are recogn
  2. Does anyone know? From a UX standpoint, you would think that airplay should always show for the tv even if it were off. So if the TV were off and you selected to airplay to it, it would turn the TV on. If anyone sees that their airplay is available when their TV is off, please let me know. For now I think it's safe to assume it's LG's bad UX. Thanks, Paesano
  3. Can you not Airplay 2 to a supported LG TV when the TV is turned off? HomeKit works when the TV is on or off and Airplay works only when the TV is on. My TV is a C9 series. Thanks!
  4. Press the gear icon on the remote. Go to “Network” in the list that comes up. Once you click on that it will take you to “Connection.” In the list under “Connection,” click on “Mobile TV On.” When you’re in that section, make sure settings for both wifi and bluetooth are on. Paesano

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