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  1. I did the upgrade on my 55ec930v and did not find any drawback but no improvements either. I came from a beta 05.00.55 and wanted to have the official release. There also was an official 05.00.55 but I could not install it because it was no newer version.
  2. Yes, via usb. It is described at the download page from LG next to the firmware in a document. Create an LG_DTV folder on a usb drive and put the unzipped firmware in it. Put it in the tv and click the popuo and pull it out only when it is ready updating.
  3. I couldn't wait. Installed it also and no changes so far except for an ID which can be chosen under info (where the firmware info is)? Seems to work fine after 2 hours of using.
  4. Does anyone want to share their findings about firmware 05.05.01?
  5. 05.00.55 for 55ec930v finally can be officially downloaded at LG in the Netherlands. I am using it for about a month. Best so far, now and then I have an occasional plop when playing over hdmi/arc to surround set.
  6. I think I have a Wifi problem as well since 5.00.55. No disconnects but more like freezes for 15 to 30 seconds. My tv is connected to wifi only. I'll try a cable only to see if there is a difference.
  7. I am a week on 05.00.55 with a 930v and I have had no app memory issues so far. Maybe it is app specific? Browser?
  8. 05.00.55 installed on 55ec930v. Best firmware so far for me. I have tried about 10 different firmwares last year. Tested for a few hours. No memory leaks No hdmi cec/simplink problems No hdmi arc disconnects No hdmi pop-ups I did not test the browser because I don't use it. Finally a decent firmware for me
  9. Hi Dejan, thanks for sharing these settings. But for which TV do you use them?
  10. Good to hear! Do you have anything else connected to hdmi on the TV? And did you have pop-ups on 05.00.40?
  11. 05.00.40 still has the HDMI problem unfortunately. LG fixes a problem and another problem is introduced indeed
  12. 55ec930v and I have only seen 05.00.30 and 05.00.40. Did not find any problem yet with 05.00.40 but time will tell..
  13. From the Dutch (nl) LG support website I downloaded 05.00.40. Will let know if this hdmi/ARC problem is solved.
  14. I have a Raspberry Pi 2 connected and during television watching after some time also a pop-up came in the screen as if I just connected the RPi2. It looks like some sort of HDMI reset after some time.
  15. 05.00.30 : Ziggo on demand via Quantis CI+ module is working again but I seem to have the HDMI/ARC problem as well. While listening to the external speakers the TV switches back to TV speaker as well after some time
  16. I downloaded 05.00.30 for LG 55ec930v and will install soon: starfish-dvb-secured-m14tv-25.ashley.m14tv-2510-05.00.30-prodkey_usb.oled_V3_SECURED.epk I'll post any changes I can find.
  17. Thanks for this tip! I found this over there: (it is translated from Korean to English by Google) http://www.lgservice.co.kr/cs_lg/download/SoftwareDownloadDetailCmd.laf?cSeq=10084&cCatCode=SW10 The software is probably in Korean as well. Version 05.00.35 Apply model (44) NB.AKRWLH-42LB650042LB6500.AKR42LB6560-NA.AKRWLHclose 42LB6560.AKR42LB6580-NA.AKRWLH42LB6580.AKR47LB6500-NB.AKRWLH47LB6500.AKR47LB6560-NA.AKRWLH47LB6700-NB.AKRWLH47LB6700.AKR47LB6780-NA.AKRWLH47LB6780.AKR47LB6800-NC.AKRWLH47LB6800.AKR47LB7300-NA.AKRWLH47LB7300.AKR47LB7500-NE.AKRWLH47LB7500.AKR50LB6700-NB.AKRWLH50LB6700.AKR50LB6780-NA.AKRWLH50LB6780.AKR50LB6800-NC.AKRWLH50LB6800.AKR55EC9300-NA.AKRVLH55EC9300-NA.AKRWLH55EC9300-NA.AKRZLH55EC9300.AKR55EC9310-NB.AKRVLH55EC9310-NB.AKRWLH55EC9310-NB.AKRZLH55EC9310.AKR55LB6700-NB.AKRWLH55LB6800-NC.AKRWLH55LB6800.AKR55LB7300-NA.AKRWLH55LB7300.AKR55LB7500-NE.AKRWLH55LB7500.AKR65LB7100-NA.AKRWLH65LB7100.AKR70LB7570-NA.AKRMLH70LB7570.AKR WebOS1.0 (M14_05.00.35) .zip (650 megabytes (MB)) Hi, released in 2014 Cinema 3D Smart TV final S / W will be shared. 1. Applicable model - 60/55/50/47 / 42LB6580 - 55/50 / 47LB6780 - 55/50 / 47LB6800 - 65LB7100 - 55 / 47LB7500 - 70LB7570 2. Final Ver - 05.00.35 3. Changes> Im currently a final SW> LG Store Open> Setting Removes duplicate menu> AC Off / on problems back to the First Use> EPG scheduled recordings USB stick storage issues> STB-free function corresponding (C & M, Tbroad cable broadcasters correspondence)> Primary Function Response and U +, SKB MVPD respond> Repeat Recording / specific CH reception should not issue corresponding> Fixed a problem with playback of specific video Slow Video Response> HDCP 2.2 corresponding> Win7 notebook with WiDi 32 characters on the TV when connected Connections should not issue improved settings> Web Browser modified to support my image file> 2D to improve upon the video Broken switch from 3D> Movie Subtitles Auto (Unicode UTF-8 / UTF-16) auto> TV after rebooting in Win7 PC WiDi Not connected> Schedule Recording Schedule recording devised during the next scheduled day schedule set in question (4.45.30)> HDMI external ilbyeok List appears to improve problems (04.45.35)> USB Contents playback, Out Of Memory pop-up output> Value Pack Upgrade ( webOS2.0 1.0 also applies to the corresponding UX)> C & M STB Less VOD CH free images corresponding improvement> STB simple link to the On state when OOM (Out Of Memory) PoP up generating corresponding improvements> Voice-related bug fixes
  18. I just received 05.00.15 on my TV (ec930v) officially. My "Ziggo on demand" via ci+ still doesn't work. Will post more findings later.
  19. Yes, I would like this back as well on the LG 55EC930V. The European equivalent of this TV.
  20. With a magic remote you can press the 123- input button and change the sound output. This is quicker.
  21. I find this annoying as well, especially for subtitles. It could have been much smaller or placed elsewhere or more transparent.
  22. In the Netherlands the LG website never showed version 5.00.04 for my television so I could not say it is pulled. When an update is available the TV gets it from LG's update servers and not the website right? Verstuurd vanaf mijn A0001 met Tapatalk
  23. LG NL replied and they said: They are working hard on the problem to solve it. When they have a solution they will push it highly likely to the televisions, they say. Furthermore they apologise for the inconvenience and thank for the patience. This sounds hopefull ! Could it be that version 05.00.05 is a first test version of the fix they're working on?

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