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  1. Hello, it has been noticed that for the new 2020 models there is some discrepancy about the recording functions as PVR, timeshift. If we compare all new models apparently the function is disabled in Italy or Austria and other countries, even on expensive models. The same model apparently has the recording function if you buy in UK and few other countries. For instance comparing model OLED55CX6LA https://www.lg.com/uk/tvs/lg-oled55cx6la https://www.lg.com/it/tv/lg-oled55cx6la-tv-oled To be honest I don't understand the reason to remove a basic function like this on the new models, especially I see less important that any voice control function. I can image some royalties might be the reason for this decision, but I cannot understand even on high end models. And what about if we buy it on another country? Can we enable or disable it? The presence or absence of this options can be a decision factor for LG or other brands. Thanks for the clarification PS: I own already 49UK6400 model and I'm quite satisfied, so I was considering for next tv.

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