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  1. Hi. I posted this original question and with the advice given I have resolved the issue of pop up messages and magic remote not working. I haven't replaced the wifi module as I don't use it but I have disconnected it via the settings programme and all is well and has been for some time. That's the solution. Oh and don't buy lg again. Where were they in this their own forum!
  2. Hi everyone. My original post has generated a lot of comments and it is obvious that there are a lot of lg customers out there who have experienced this pop-up message problem. So as I don't use the wifi facility but have the tv hard wired to all other sources (router, wii, etc) I simply disconnected the wifi via the settings menu and have had no problems since. BUT lg have lost my confidence in ignoring this problem and as a result, any future custom from me.
  3. So today there's been a software update and the problem has gone away. Coincidence or thanks lg? Let's wait and see.
  4. I have owned this tv for a year and pleased with it ... until about a month ago. I now have constant repetitive messages in top right hand corner of screen saying 'Unknown device disconnected' or 'wired network is connected' or wired lan cable is connected' and it's driving me crazy. I have tried the lg live chat technical support and they were not aware of the issue but I've seen the same problem discussed on US forums and here too. Nobody seems to be able to have a solution. I have unplugged all external stuff - Virgin V6 box, Wii, wired internet, etc and it still happens. Help!!

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