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  1. Ultraviolet is being replaced by MoviesAnywhere. Not all of my movies have transferred over to MoviesAnywhere. 189 of 274 movies transferred. Paramount, MGM, and Lionsgate have not yet joined MoviesAnywhere. However, try linking your ultraviolet library to Vudu. Then create a movies anywhere account, and link both Vudu and Amazon Prime. Most of your movies should then show up in Prime. You can also link Fandango Now, iTunes, Microsoft, and Google to MoviesAnywhere. That should solve the issue, and get your ultraviolet library playable on your LG via Amazon Prime, Google Play, or Fandango Now app.
  2. I have 3 LG TV's in the house. Would be nice to have apps, channel list, etc. sync between the TV's such that it's a seamless operation between them.
  3. PlutoTV app that is integrated with the guide just like channelplus is.

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