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  1. When retuning the TV program list, the "smart" option is supposed to preserve customisations made to the list. However I find that, while locked and skipped channels are preserved, any changes I've made to the channel numbers are restored to their original defaults. This is highly frustrating as I have moved BBC 1 HD (101), for example, to channel 1 where its non-HD equivalent was, but after a rescan they move back to their original places. Please allow the preservation of custom lists when retuning. Perhaps if a conflict occurs when a new channel is found, ask the user which channel they would like to occupy that slot.
  2. Many store-bought movie discs come with a code to redeem a digital copy of the movie from Ultraviolet. It is flippin' hard to find an easy way to play UV movies and an app on the TV itself would answer the prayers of millions. Please create an app for webOS that will be able to play my UV mopvies from both my UK and US libraries.
  3. Please add the ability to have audio output from the internal speakers and Bluetooth simultaneously. Better still, allow any combination of audio outputs connected. So, maybe have a branch in the settings tree that lists all available audio out options (eg. internal, optical, Bluetooth, etc..) with a checkbox next to each one. Whatever is checked gets the audio feed.

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