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  1. @ebresie Yeah .. understandable .. Its like an iPhone.. You can't simply install any other custom OS in it as we do for Android Devices. Because, unlike Android devices, Apple Products and LG products which uses WebOS are designed not to support any other custom OS. Though WebOS is beased on Linux.
  2. @randysehn Yes. But WebOS's Upscaling feature is awesome... No android TV's can beat that.
  3. Great .. But it it is good to have education related apps in LG Content store.. like Udemy , Linuxacademy, edureka.. and many more..
  4. Can I install Android TV OS on my LG 43UJ752T UHD TV which will not get updates anymore?
  5. @George Hofmeister Sorry. I don't want WebOS anymore. Can I install Android TV OS on LG TV?
  6. @randysehn Great !dea... Thank you! I will go for Nvidia Shield android box.. It is good for gaming as well.. This LG WebOS has nothing in it, but the price is too high. Next time I will buy a 4K TV without any smart features and smart OS .. and connect my Android box with it to make it as a Smartest TV.
  7. I was hoping to receive updates for the Shitty WebOS from LG (for TV Model 43UJ752T ) for the past 6 months.. But Still the WebOS version is 3.7.0 As per wikipedia the latest LG WebOS version is 04.70.85 (TV) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebOS I dont understand why my TV model is not receiving updates
  8. I am taking about the LG Ultra HD TV Model 43UJ752T with Dolby Vision in it
  9. yeahh.. I am also facing this problem on my LG 43UJ752T when I play Dolby Vision Videos on Netflix . Can Somebody help us?
  10. Hope LG WebOS App development team will add it in the LG Content Store soon.
  11. Could you please list the TV Models which are eligible and will receive update for webOS 4.0 or 4.7 ??? Yesterday I bought LG 43UJ752T model and it has webOS 3.5 only.... which makes me sad...

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