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  1. Please remove the dirty apps which has only one star rating in LG Content Store
  2. I wish an app to be added to close all the running apps at once and clean the temporary files
  3. True. But I am expecting the OpenSource WebBrowser "Chromium" in WebOS
  4. @George Hofmeister I mean the WebBrowser. Just open Google.com in your WebOS TV, you will get to know this version of web browser is older.
  5. Understood. But What is the use of keeping the worst apps in AppStore ? Those kind of apps will also gives customers a bad experience about the WebOS.. and eventually Customers will lose their interest on WebOS TVs and go for Android TVs..
  6. Lg Content Store Cleanup.. Except the ones that are not rated.. Remove apps that are below 4 start ratings from LG Content Store
  7. Please add the educational apps like Udemy, Coursera, LinuxAcademy in LG Content Store.. Or else at least update the Default Web Browser in WebOS .. Its is very old.. and doest support anything
  8. @ebresie Yeah .. understandable .. Its like an iPhone.. You can't simply install any other custom OS in it as we do for Android Devices. Because, unlike Android devices, Apple Products and LG products which uses WebOS are designed not to support any other custom OS. Though WebOS is beased on Linux.
  9. @randysehn Yes. But WebOS's Upscaling feature is awesome... No android TV's can beat that.

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