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  1. Reboot your router, and try it again. If the app finds the tv, it is your router.
  2. Actually, is it just an upgraded lg magic remote (same as "google assistant" vs "Google Now") ?
  3. At the Kodi's pop up menu, there is a "play using ..." option. Your TV should be on the list after you select that option. Some addons may not be able to stream the content, but your tv will be on the list anyway. If not, there is something wrong with your router.
  4. Some addons it Kodi let you cast the content to smart TV.
  5. what router type?? Anyway, after you restarted your router and assured the TV had reconnected to the wifi, the app would find the tv after few mins. Oh, and on a side note, now the app can automatically find my TV without needing to restart my router after my cable tv provider came in to fix my TV service , and they designed to flush my LAN router (weird).
  6. I find that restarting the router helps the app to find my PC.
  7. I followed the following steps for Windows Media Server setting https://www.wikihow.com/Connect-PC-to-LG-Smart-TV I followed the following steps for Kodi (same steps for windows PC)

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