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  4. Hi. I am brand new on these forums and i can not say that i am the brightest in those areas. Now. I live in Iceland and well I get a limited part of Netflix up here. And i don't get Amazon Prime, Hulu just Netflix limited. But i can run express vpn on my computer and that way you get the idea. I have. Webos 4.5 (i think) and my tv is the following LG-55UM7100
  5. Since launch in November, struggled to watch Disney+ on OLED55B6P. Spent countless hours researching online and verifying home network setup. Finally came across a note in a recent post for a different, yet similar issue regarding NetFlix involving disabling "Quick Start" in the TV settings - General. Once disabled, Disney+ plays successfully with no hangs! Worth a try if you are experiencing hangs while trying to watch Disney+.
  6. Uninstall then reinstall the Amazon Prime app
  7. After purchase my LG smart tv was able to pick up DTT (digital Terrestial Transmitters in the local area. These channels failed to work after some time and it was assumed that they were switched off due to the never ending wait for South Africa to migrate fully to digital. However tuning my sons Hi Sense tv the said channels were found and indeed are operational as digital HD channels Returning to my LG tv i changed the location to digital , retuned and lo and behold the digital channels appeared on a multiplex on uhf channel 49 (8mhz) however within a few minutes they disappeared never to be seen again isn spite of much time and many alternative settings. I have tried changing location, adding channel 49 UHF manually which shows full signal strength and quality, but gives no digital programmes found. I have had to revert to the 4 terrestial channels to get any tv operation at all. I believe that my set has been crippled by LG. I am highly upset considering the cost of a uhd TV thats not capable of performing ito its original specification or at its best. Any advice on how to obtain a working system ( frimware has been updated ) or the legal route to go to resolve this issue would be welcome. NB as a retired broadcast technologist i do have some knowledge of the industry so would welcome any technical perspectives if i have missed something thanks Mikei
  8. Check your software and version updation Thanks regards Krishna kumar LG PRODUCT TRAINER VARANASI INDIA
  9. In the menu no option screen sharing in lg webos. Trun on your mobile screen sharing auto search your tv Thanks Regards Krishna kumar LG PRODUCT TRAINER VARANANSI INDIA
  10. Press mic button and hold and say screen off... Thanks regards Krishna kumar LG PRODUCT TRAINER VARANASI, INDIA
  11. Hi It seems a common question around the web, but I would like to hear your thoughts. I have a LG 65SM8200PLA 65" LED UltraHD 4K (webos 4.5), that works like a charm in all aspects. Today I've paid and installed Plex to watch my movies on tv, wich works fine. I like tv shows from korea, and these movies come with external subtitles in format .SRT, these files are encoded with UTF8, and when I want to see the movie from flex via dlna on the tv, it doesnt recognize the subtitle, like it the subtitles didnt exist. From another post, Ive tried to edit the SRT file, and changed it to ASCII, then, I refreshed the content on the media server, played the movie, and the subtitle file was recognized on the tv. Since I have many sbutitles, its a pain to manually change the files. I must say too, that its thard to believe that a 2019 tv can't read or recognize SRT with UTF8. Maybe ive missed something, but I couldnt find more things to try. Any tip to avoid converting files each time I want to see a movie with external subtitles with utf8? Thanks in advance. Regards
  12. I have the same issue with Disney+. I'm only getting PCM 2.0. It looks like a software issue as all my other streaming services have no issue (including Netflix's Atmos). I've contacted Disney Plus customer support and they're going to look into the issue.
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  14. When selecting Amazon Prime App to watch another Bosch episode I got an alert of an error had occurred. Since then, every time I open Amazon Prime the TV goes to the current Bosch episode page and all links on that page do not respond.
  15. Hi How can I sort the channels Alphabetically in the LG 65UK6300 Smart TV? Thanks
  16. To whom should we contact to submit requests concerning screensaver options?
  17. Is developers ignoring this? Would be nice if we would have direct access to those people, providing answer to questions that we have. I REALLLLY want pictures in screensaver CHANGED! OR disable the screensaver completely.
  18. I have just taken delivery of a Lg 55UM7100PLB television and have gone through all the rigmarole of being unable to download the agreements. I finally did it by the method described on here by using a hot spot on my mobile phone. I now find that I cannot access anything on the internet at all and just get error 105. I have switched from wireless to Ethernet and it's still the same. I have other devices (Sky box, kodi Box etc) connected to the same router and they have no problem at all. I have tried changing the DNS to and but to no avail. The TV shows that it's connected to the internet but refuses to do anything at all when connected via the router. Has anyone had a similar problem? My router is an ASUS RT-AC68U and has been modded by installing Asuswrt- Merlin because my ISP operates a transparent DNS and my Sky Box etc do not work without the modified router. Any advice will be gratefully received.
  19. I have an LG Smart TV 55UM7400 and I downloaded the Movistar Play app. I am streaming a channel and I can choose the language audio (english or spanish) and also the english or spanish subtitles. BUT for some reason the SUBTITLES do not load. I streamed the same channel on the movistar play app on my iphone and the subtitles worked fine!. Is there any configuration I need to do on the TV ?? I need some help. Thanks !
  20. On the title's page, between the title graphic and the info at the bottom, it will have tags for what it supports. My LG TV shows tags for 4k and DolbyVision. My Xbox One X shows tags for 4k, HDR10, and DD5.1 for shows that support them. Just check a show that supports everything like the Mandolorian and see which tags are listed.
  21. How are people confirming whether 4k is working or not? When I'm watching a stream, the info button doesn't work like it normally would.
  22. Hi, I'm hoping that someone will help me with this. I can't download apps or update anything because it asks me to sign in. As soon as I do that I get Turn on cookies. I'm not using Chrome but the WebOs browser. The Google account gives me no options on the browser to get into settings! Any ideas on how or where I can do this please? Thanks in advance, Don.
  23. We too have this issue. None of the suggestions regarding inline attenuation, software updates or resetting will have any bearing here because it is a drop-off with the LG platform (and a major one at that). As far as those who are considering trying for a refund, there are essentially two options:- If the set was ordered online then exercise your 30 day right to reject. If past this point then there is scope for arguing it's either unfit for purpose, not of merchantable quality or, as-is perhaps more likely, reasonably expecting the set be used with such services i.e. the set is meant to work with Freeview[HD] services . There is more than one way to skin this cat... See: Consumer rights with Martin Lewis The problem won't get fixed until LG, and perhaps Freeview et al get their heads together. To get their attention please up-vote this Facebook post on LG's official page: LG Official Facebook page - Invalid service on WebOS TV Hope this helps.
  24. C9 55" I click on the Gallery and they pick a theme. Screen just goes black. Pointer still moves but no Gallery. Any suggestions?
  25. To all, I hope someone can help me. We recently bought an oled55e9 en we are actually quite pleased, apart from the wifi being to slow and sometime dropping. After doing some research I found many could resolve this by disbaling the 'Listening Mode' in settings for Screen Sharing.... My problems now: In the menu, under screen sharing, I can only delete existing connections, which we don't have In the smart menu I don't have an app screen sharing I cannot find the app in the content store so I cannot install it How do I disabled the Listening Mode in WebOS 04.70.05 so I can hopefully start streaming without lags and hick-ups Thanks in advance, Raymond
  26. Plz add Sony liv asap otherwise i will buy android tv.
  27. Hi Is there a way to sort the satellite channels alphabetically in LG TV 65UK6300PVB?
  28. Can you please make HOTSTAR app available for use on LG OLED smart TV's customers in UK ? Thanks
  29. Does LG staff ever respond to any questions? I have same question, please somebody help, there is no similar satellite with the Yahsat angel in the list. Can we do it with other satellite?
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