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  2. Hi Khaja, The LG product page lists your set as being supplied with webOS 2.0: https://www.lg.com/us/support-product/lg-49UF6400 While some TVs with 2.0 have received upgrades to 3.x I have not heard of any being upgraded to 4.x. Are you getting the number from the firmware version? If so a firmware of version 4.x.x does not equate to webOS 4.x.
  3. Has anyone had any luck with this? Just bought a C8 and man would this be cool.
  4. @George Hofmeister I have LG49SK8000PUA and still don't see the app available. The WebOS version i believe is 4.0. Is there any other constraint you're aware of
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  6. Are you also able to unofficially downgrade an LG C8? I sent you a pm some time ago but didn't get a reply....
  7. Hi Chris, Geolocation is, from what I can find on the web, supported by webOS right back from the days of Hewlett Packard: https://www.webosnation.com/hp-introduces-feature-packed-webos-2-0 The problem is that sites now have to request your location by way of a pop up prompt, but this is something that the webOS browser does not currently support. https://browserleaks.com/geo The above is a case in point, it works in Firefox, Opera etc as I can click on the pop up but not so on webOS. However the test for geolocation at HTML5Test shows it as being 'broken' although this is for a 2016 model, but in comparison Samsung's Tizen browser from 2015 appears to work: https://html5test.com/compare/browser/lg.webos-2016/tizen-2.3.html
  8. How to download the user agreements webOS TV UK6300PTE
  9. Sorry, but I'm new here .... Would it be "PM" ?? Is this downgrade procedure safe ?? it works?
  10. Hello. I watch films on prime and netflix run through my lg smart tv. But it keeps saying app needs to restart to free up memory. Getting very anoying
  11. Our apartment building recently changed from Comcast to RCN internet. Ever since then the Channel Plus content will not play on my LG smart tv. The ads/commercials play but then when it tries to connect to the actual channel content, it says something like "not able to connect to Channel Plus at the moment." I am definitely connected to the internet because other things work. Also tried a direct ethernet connection with the same results. Anyone else experience this? Wondering of there is some incompatibility with RCN.
  12. I'm building my first app. The Emulator connection is OK, but I got an error trying to connect to the Smart TV. I already checked the correct passphrase, IP Address, and the Smart TV network connection... Could you help me to fix it?
  13. officially: no. unofficially I can do it even remotely. Send me a PM.
  14. I have found a site called Locast that will stream live tv for some home markets in the US. It’s a free service but they do ask for donations. However, I am unable to get it to run on my LG tv’s browser. The site returns an error saying that I refused a request for geolocation. Due to licensing agreements, the site needs this enabled and running on the browser to validate viewers aren’t streaming into non-US markets. Is this possible or am I out of luck?
  15. Last week
  16. I think that's the reason tv can't decode truehd as I upgraded firmware from a different region by USB. it supported at the first time.
  17. Hello everyone, I have an issue with debugging application through webOS emulators for webOS versions 1.2 and 2. When i try to fetch some data from a another server the request fails on OPTIONS check, with error: Failed to load resource: Connection closed And that's it, there is not even a smallest hint what's wrong with the request. I'm using Axios for fetching data, and as far as II know they have support for Safari 6 and 7 which is the closes as WebKit version we're using in webOS 1 and 2. App is working perfectly on emulator v4.0.0, but I couldn't try it on v3.0 because Component Manager fails to install it... Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi, I have an older model, LM620S, it's OS is the one before WebOS, I think it's called NetCast. Same popping sound issue, with a LG home theater system. I've tried every setting, nothing helped, but the issue is not there all the tima, sometime I can hear it, sometime I can't, using the same video file. I'm using Xbox, external media player, internal media player, everything is connected to the TV, then the TV is connected using optical audio to the LG HT806, and HDMI is connected to the ARC from the HT to the TV - just in case I want to play DVDs, and to control the HT using HDMI-CEC. I was hoping that replacing the AVR might help, but thank god I found this forum before spending a 600$ on a new AVR. What makes me really sad is that newer TVs seem to have the same problem - as you've mentioned. My experience - but it might just my imagination, not sure - is that the longer the TV is on, the more possible that the issue will occur. And another fun fact, my girlfriend, and my roommate never recognized, never complained, not even when I'm telling them that there's this weird popping sound, they just don't hear it or don't care... in the meantime, this makes me mad all the time I hear it
  19. I have an lg 65sm9000 . It is attached to a S5430W Vizio soundbar via the optical cable. Although the sound bar operates with my TV, I'm unable to control it with the LG magic remote. I cannot power it on or off and I .cannot control the volume with the magic remote. I have to use the vizio sound bar remote. Does anyone know a way to remedy this difficulty?
  20. Hello, I have a tv lg 55uj6585. This week she updated to version 05.80.15. After that the wifi is disconnected. I would like to know if there is any way to return the previous version, or if someone could dispense the file from the previous version, 05.80.10. I already searched the forum, but I did not find it.
  21. If you look elsewhere on the forum you will find others having the same issue. You will need to get in contact with Hotstar directly as they developed the app, LG merely distributes it. As I do not have access to Hotstar or knowledge of the app I do not know if it is a Hosted (Server Hosted) or packaged web apps. If it is Hosted (Server Hosted) then updates should come relatively quickly, packaged web app take longer as they have to go though the system of quality control and re-distribution via LG.
  22. It is not as simple as LG deciding to write an app, there is much more to it than that. Where an app pulls the content from may not be compliant with the webOS platform as well as many other factors. This is why it is dependent on the content provider to create an app, and of course they are going to focus their efforts on the largest platforms first, which LG is not. This is why I would suggest that if you want a content provider to be available on the webOS platform you contact them directly to show them that there is a desire for their product. No es tan simple como LG que decide escribir una aplicación, hay mucho más que eso. Es posible que una aplicación de la que extraiga el contenido no sea compatible con la plataforma webOS, así como con muchos otros factores. Esta es la razón por la cual el proveedor de contenido depende de la creación de una aplicación y, por supuesto, primero centrarán sus esfuerzos en las plataformas más grandes, que LG no. Por esta razón, sugiero que si desea que un proveedor de contenido esté disponible en la plataforma webOS, póngase en contacto con ellos directamente para mostrarles que existe un deseo por su producto.
  23. I agree, but we don’t live in a perfect world. WebOS is one of the fastest and best OS across the big 3. I am not defending LG(it would sure seem like it) but if you are desperate for some apps, you might as well buy a firestick that costs a fraction, and you will get more apps than you can even think of. Infact I used a firestick before I got the hotstar app for WebOS. hotstar is basically owned by fox and also has content from HBO and Showtime plus the Star network. Just a practical solution for the situation at hand.
  24. That sounds unlikely. I've had a C7 for eighteen months and it never supported lossless audio. The TV does not have and never had a transcoder for those codecs.
  25. I am unable to turn on subtitle for shows in hotstar. In hotstar app I cannot click on subtitle option for On or Off.
  26. So I own a 56 inch LG ultra hdtv and the app store offers a Hotstar app. Now the app works fine for live shows and games, and also for non-premium content but it doesn't for Premium content. I am having a very specific issue- the video rendering problem. For the Premium content that included top-notch tv shows and movies, the app doesn't load the video- the video stops and plays and stops and plays. One might think that the internet connection might be slow, but that's not the case as we have 300mbps fast internet connection and all the HD content on Netflix and Amazon Prime works just fine. I contacted Hotstar regarding the same and they said they are working on it but LG is not responsive enough to resolve the matter fast. I have failed to get this thru with LG customer support, and now looking over here to see if any one else is having the same problem and they found a solution around. Also Hotstar claims that they issued an update for the app in May 2019, but the app on my tv is the one released on Mar 22, 2019 and there is still no update available. Please help!!
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