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  4. I can’t click on agree for the user agreements
  5. Sparty87

    Unable to load user agreements

    Did you try the suggestions that the users here already documented above?
  6. Hello, was there ever any resolution to this? We are having the same issue on the HDMI arc. We started using optical for audio. But now we can’t tun everything on with one remote. We have a 2017 model. Very frustrating for such an expensive tv.
  7. Superplonk

    HDMI ARC TV to Sound Bar not working

    Nice soundbar! My idea is probably too simple. When setting up my LG TV & LG soundbar I couldn't get any sound via ARC either. My soundbar has 2 HDMI connections one marked sound in and naturally, I connected the TV ARC port to the soundbar port port marked Sound In. I couldn't get any sound unless I used the optical connection. To my surprise, I found that if I used the other HDMI port on the soundbar it worked perfectly! This still seems wrong to me but everything works and sounds good so have not made any inquiries.
  8. I had the same problem with Netflix restarting but I realized the problem started after I downloaded the YouTube app from the store so I deleted the YouTube app and it has soled the problem of my Netflix restarting I hope this may help anyone
  9. George Hofmeister

    big problem

    Hi Mohamed, Have a look at this forum thread: https://www.lgwebos.com/topic/2524-unable-to-load-user-agreements/
  10. mohamed nagy

    big problem

    agreement useres not loaded .. what can i do
  11. Tanni

    LG 42LB6250 Display Problem

    Our telly is less then two years old. First time we purchased LG products ( never again) My telly is doing something similar. Entire screen gets vertical lines on it and goes away if I turn telly off. Had similar problem last year and it was repaired under the five year warranty. Going to call warranty people again to have it repaired. Rubbish telly if you ask my personal opinion: we are light users and may watch 4/5 hours a week! I’m going to try and ask for refund or a replacement. Pointless having an expensive large screen tv when you cannot use it properly.
  12. Kalsmugglarn

    Firmware 04.05.60

    Anyone nows what the new firmware 04.05.60 includes? Lg has the worst homepage ever
  13. Jasmine Alexander

    Unable to load user agreements

    How can get my agreement to down load
  14. Jasmine Alexander

    Unable to load user agreements

  15. Last week
  16. I also have the Same problem here. LG should read all format FAT, ExFAT and NTFS.
  17. Snapdrag

    Screen Share with Windows 10

    Oh! seems like a similar problem, just that my laptop thinks it can do nothing if it cannot connect to the TV! Let's see if the others have faced a similar problem and have a solution.
  18. Foodie

    Screen Share with Windows 10

    Snapdrag: I do not have that issue. However, I cannot walk into our conference room with laptop in hand and powered on and connect to the LG Smart TV. The laptop doesn't "see" the TV. I ALWAYS have to re-boot the laptop and let it discover the TV.
  19. Rookie1082

    Please add the DirecTV Now app

    I have WebOS 3.0 on my TV and need an ugly ROKU device and a second remote to control DirectTV Now. Makes me want to go to Sling Because my WebOS already has that app built in... but i lose local channels! LG, please fix! Shoot, hire me and i'll help write the code.
  20. Snapdrag

    Screen Share with Windows 10

    It is fine Foodie! No worries :) But my laptop always hangs the first time that I connect it with the TV. Once I restart (actually reset the laptop) it is fine. This repeats each time I try to connect. Do you have the same problem as well?
  21. Marcos Vagner de Camargo

    Netflix app error

    A solução é simples, ocorreu no meu aplicativo o mesmo erro e arrumei "Não com ajuda de script da equipe Net lix". Solução: Apenas vá na sua smarTV, desisnstale o aplicativo Netflix, instale novamente. Faça o login no app. Pode ter ocorrido algum erro durante a atualização anterior. Também é bom verificar se há memória disponível na smartv antes de atualizar.
  22. lemoo2010

    Osn play app

    Hello I bought an lg smart Tv model lg 32LJ570U when i search for osn play app on lg store i can't find it although i have another 2 lg tv sets with osn play app available on it Any solution for this
  23. George Hofmeister


    Unfortunately Mobdro is not available for webOS.
  24. George Hofmeister

    Launch app on startup?

    As of now this cannot be done on webOS.
  25. Ben Anter (1)

    How to enable app to startup ?

    help somebody
  26. Ben Anter (1)

    Launch app on startup?

  27. Francisco Lima

    Is there Facebook app for LG webos tv?

    No. I think that you have to use the browser...
  28. I was wondering if there Facebook app for LG webos tv as what i saw on Samsung did provide that for their smart TV's
  29. I just purchased an LG 55" UJ6200 and want to use it to display an analytics dashboard in my office. It will be a mostly static display of KPIs and I want to display it from a web site. The issue I run into is the cursor displays persistently and won't disappear, so even when in full screen on the web browser, the cursor is displayed. I put it to the bottom right corner but it's still visible. Do you have any suggestions for how I full screen display a website without any of the browser's UI showing? Thanks,
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