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  2. Dears, is it possible to fix colors on these models ? Light blue and yellow are shown as set of alternating lines, for example , orange is one line light yellow line and other is dark orange. light blue is : Lines are visible from distance up to 1,5 meter and very annoying. Models of 7th and 6th series have clear colors showing also guys from rating also pointed this issue , and they put image quality to 9,5 from 10 , less than to models of last year or model from Samsung http://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/lg/sj9500 Great TV to use as a PC monitor. The SJ9500 supports all the essential resolutions, including Chroma 4:4:4, but it's also one of the rare TVs to also support a [email protected] input. Combined with a very low input lag and low motion blur, it makes for a very suitable monitor. Some users, however, might find horizontally alternating stripes of the screen to be a little distracting.
  3. After last week's Youtube app update on my LG 55UF6807 I am unable to use the app anymore. The update was applied on 18.11.2017 (Saturday). I have tried reinstalling the app. Since no downgrade functionality is possible then I would like to ask - what can I do to get the app back to a working condition? Other apps work - I can stream Netflix and use the browser etc. Added a screenshot of the view greeting me when opening the app. Casting does not work, the visible page is not usable in any way either.
  4. My guess that it maybe under development since Apple TV 4K has that exact capabilities with it A10X SoC that is used on the latest iPad Pro models. I do not think that current LG TV line up's current CPUs and amount of RAM installed have the horsepower to do multi-screen functions. Maybe in 5 years, that would be possible that LG will have this function built-in. But now or next year! Apple SoC are cutting edge and takes time to come to reach that level of computer power.
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  6. I got a new C7 but no Direct TV Now App. It been a whole year since the launch and is a major channel app for Smart TV like Web OS to release. Why does LG want to force their owners to use a third party streaming box like Apple TV, Amazon Fire or Roku? "LG should go big or go home!"
  7. Is the HDR effect picture mode setting HDR upscaling? The HDR setting adjusts from "Low" "Medium" "and "High". But when the movie or game is HDR already this setting show Vivid, Standard..........and so on. What is the differences of this HDR effect compared to if the video display was already being broadcasted in HDR itself?
  8. RT AlMosahf "اللَّهُ الَّذي خَلَقَكُم ثُمَّ رَزَقَكُم ثُمَّ يُميتُكُم ثُمَّ يُحييكُم هَل مِن شُرَكائِكُم مَن يَفعَ… https://t.co/FtXMomfyN8

  9. Hi, I have an LG 42LB731V , I know it’s discounted..I bought it on EBay and I love it. However, the Amazon app stopped working it will play trailers. It none of the films will play. Amazon never bothered to contact me back, LG told me to reset my tv using restore initial settings but I can’t it's greyed out can anybody help. Thanks LB
  10. @INTEROPenAPI @ianmcnicoll @digitalhealth2 @openehr @ProfRecordSB @NHSDigital @HL7UK @IHEUK @techUK I recognise that...

  11. yeah, iflix pls.
  12. Dear Readers,I've a strange issue that I've been struggling for a week. I bought an LG43UJ634V UHD TV and an LG LHB645N Home Theater in a Box system.I use HDMI ARC to connect the audio from the TV to receiver. LG has an option to chose between PCM or Auto at the Digital output settings.If I use the PCM option everything sounds great, but I don't have 5.1, only 2.1.And here comes the problem. When I choose Auto, 5.1 is on, sounds great but I have occasional crackling noise (like when play something on an old LP player) it happens random, but for example during a film, it is very annoying. It happens with YouTube, Netflix, DLNA streaming, external devices, so the content doesn't matter. I think I've tried everything. I tested it with different HDMI cables, optical cable, but still have the problem. I tested it with a sound bar as well, the problem is the same.When I play content from the receiver, there is no problem, the sound is wonderdul, no crackling. Also, the TVs speakers are okay.I don't think it is a hardware issue, because the TV's sound is OK, the home theater's sound is OK, the problem only happens when I want to use the digital output of the TV (either HDMI ARC or Optical) with auto setting.I called LG as well, the rep. said the she will pass this info to the technical team.Do you have any idea, that it can be solved, or I need to wait for a software update?
  13. I am using PLDT Fibr Under advance settings of your connection, change your DNS to Thanks to Sir Poi of LG Philippines Customer Service
  14. ?? Download link was already posted: http://www.lg.com/ru/support/support-product/lg-42LB730V
  15. I am having the same problem, anyone knows how to fix this?
  16. If you get a LG TV, you pretty much force to get either a Roku, Apple TV or Amazon, Google box for streaming! No Direct TV Now, not sure about Sling TV. I have Amazon Prime and I thing LG has an app for it the last time I check 2-3 years ago.
  17. I support this post since I got my LG C7 TV and still there is no Direct TV Now app on Web OS 3.5yet!
  18. @ElderScrolls #SkyrimSwitch

  19. It sounds like you are right that there is a configuration issue. Are you certain that ARC is enabled on both your LG and your Yamaha? On your LG, you will need to go to Settings - > Sound - > Sound Out - > Audio Out (Optical/HDMI ARC) and set SIMPLINK to On.
  20. Nuevos seguidores: 0, unfollowers: 1 (01:27) #TuitUtil https://t.co/ZN3N5IgkMl

  21. I have a 55LJ550M (WebOS 3.5) TV, connected to an A/V Receiver via ARC. Per the online documentation, when the TV encounters AAC audio, it will transcode that audio to Dolby Digital for transmission over ARC. See: http://www.lg.com/ca_en/support/product-help/CT20098005-1437136302910-others However, the sound quality is very poor when this occurs. The sound is full of compression artifacts, and with some older A/V Receivers, this causes the sound to periodically cut-out. Some of the WebOS applications affected by this issue are YouTube (which mostly uses AAC audio), any Netflix stereo programming, and using the Music\Photo\Video app to play music or videos with AAC audio. To me, it makes the entire YouTube application unusable. Honestly, I'm surprised that WebOS doesn't just output PCM audio over ARC whenever it encounters AAC. This would make more sense, and it would require less processing power and sound much better. (I know that I can set the TV to output everything to PCM over ARC, but I do not want to lose DD 5.1 and DTS sound from other programming which works perfectly). Is this behavior a known WebOS 3.5 issue? I know that my unit is a one of the cheaper LG sets--it is possible that this particular set is just too under-powered to function as designed?
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  23. @YolandaSultanaH aguante tia yoli

  24. Same. I (and you probably do too) have nice speakers hooked to my entertainment system. Prime music would be a great feature
  25. Do you have the link to download
  26. No , I don't use it. But I guess they don't change something that is working.
  27. My model number is listed so I’m downloading as we speak.. Mihai My model number 43lb731-VE is listed so I’m downloading as we speak.. Mihai can you tell me if you use the simplink function and is it working ok. Cheers Jon
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