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  2. You cannot install Flash it is supported neither by LG or Adobe for webOS.
  3. This set of actions is Plex talking to the television to find out what resolution, whether it has to do backend encoding/rendering etc.
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  5. it s a great idea
  6. I have the same question about starz play. I have a subscription that I use on other equipment but I can not manage to run on my TV 55UH650V
  7. Hello, I 've recently found out that Samsung smart tv is beta testing steam streaming service for steam games. Is something like that would be on webos? I would really like that.
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  9. RT @siasatpk: آپ نے اپنی تقریر میں کلبھوشن یادیو کا نام کیوں نہیں لیا؟- شاہد خاقان عباسی اور خواجہ آصف پر سخت سوالوں کی بوچھاڑ https://t…

  10. RT @HamillHimself: La Fuerza estará con México ... SIEMPRE! 🇲🇽❤️❤️❤️ mh- https://t.co/h49zm9gFUY

  11. how to instal flash player in lg webos 42lb
  12. my lg tv not showing pdf files
  13. I recently bought A LG WEBOS TV MODEL NO : 49LJ617T. In the night I turn off the TV with the remote and then turn off the mains switch of the TV. When I turn On the TV in the morning, Black or coloured screen appear with only sound but when I reboot the TV again the LG logo appears again and the TV function normally. Sometimes the software doesn't load and the magic remote doesn't work. The software version is 3.6.0-1003(dreadlocks2-dorrigo). Is this a problem with the software or hardware ? What is the possible solutiton for the problem ? Please help. Thank you
  14. I have never seen webOS 2, so I can't really say. If you have 49UH603V model, and a wired internet connection then you should be able to update automatically to webOS 3.3.3 via OTA update?
  15. e come si nota la differenza rispetto al webos 2?
  16. This model is already running WebOS 3 and has quite recently - September 2017 - been updated to WebOS 3.3.3
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  18. Hello, I have a problem enabling my subtitles on my LG UH65 TV. All my computers are connected to the same network and are in the same HomeGroup (windows 10 feature), my LG-TV is connected to the same network. My primary computer is working as a media server without any applications (like Plex etc..). I have been working on it for days and now I got to the point where I can view the videos which located on my primary computer, on the TV. At this point I wanted to watch the videos with subs so I did the following actions: 1. Pressing on Photos and Movies. 2. Choosing the videos folder, navigated to "All Videos" 3. The video has started 4. Pressed on the "3 points" button and saw there is a button called subtitles but it was grayed out and disabled. What can I do in order to make it work? Few things that I think you need to know: - the subs has the same name - the files (movie and subs) located at the same directory - for some reason, I have to put the videos (and the music and the photos) on my library on Windows Media PLayer to be able to see them on "All Videos" directory Thank you very much !!
  19. RT @PicWrld: الطبيعة الساحرة والأماكن الهادئة في جُزر الأزور البرتغالية في المحيط الأطلسي. https://t.co/fwalpd5mG0

  20. I know longer can stream games on the MLB app and it says flash not supported. I am purchasing the 2017 55 8500 smart tv and hope to be able to again stream games.
  21. I'm having this issue too, but it's definitely not that the hard drive has not been found as it appears in the list of devices. The most annoying thing is that it seems to be intermittent, sometimes it works, more often it doesn't. Sometimes when it doesn't work, it 'forgets' the whole series, other times it is still there showing I have selected it to record, it just doesn't. I do feel it's a power management issue, but really annoying that you basically have to be at home to make sure it's awake and recording! Defeats the object. I haven't yet tried a new hard drive, but I'm reluctant to as it seems others are having the same issue. This was one of the main reasons I bought a smart TV so I'm very frustrated.
  22. Mac plötzlich gesperrt: Erpresser missbrauchen iCloud-Funktion https://t.co/uMcEjdoFrd https://t.co/N9TcM1aLv4

  23. @Nicholas_Merten I think Byteball Bytes has bottomed. Agree? https://t.co/qFM1kyTZMH

  24. The easiest solution for that sir is change the DNS to in the advance settings of wifi
  25. hi i'm from italy i have an lg 43lh570v and no browser app on the tv what can i do to solve this ? thx in advance
  26. cheers for that did what you said and worked for me
  27. RT @tveitdal: Electric bus sets record with 1,101 mile (1772 km) trip on a single charge It's a breakthrough for EVs. https://t.co/ipGeKMW3…

  28. Hi all we have a 50inch LG smart tv with Web os. Connected a VHS Tape player to our tv with the scart (only one scart on tv) and most of time we only hear sound, no picture. sometimes the picture appears and then goes again. Similarly when the tape isn't playing and you are in the On screen menu on the VCR then no pic is shown. It knows its connected because when you unplug the scart it says no input . This VCR plays fine on all our families other TVs fine including 3 Panasonics flatscreens and an LG Plasma about 6 years old. tried it with another VCR and its still the same problem Plugged a DVD player in and its ok. anyone else seen this.. Confused.com !!!
  29. Quote of the day from @tomazgornik "You're missing part of the architecture!" How very true for his PowerPoint presentation and the NHS...

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