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Palm Pixi and Pixi Plus

Palm Pixi and Pixi Plus specs 600 MHz ARM 11 CPU, 2 MP Camera, 8 GB storage, 256 MB RAM (512 MB Plus) 320 x 400 pixels, 2.63 inches, Released September 2009 (March 2010 Plus).

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    • The foundation of the fast-growing field of behavioral economics is that small changes lead to big results. In the Harvard Business Review, professors John Beshears and Francesca Gina write that “changes need not involve a lot of time and effort to implement; in fact, very simple adjustments can produce powerful benefits for individuals and organizations.”1 To encourage consumers to make small changes to achieve a common goal, LG a sustainability-focused online campaign #CareForWhatYouWear which has to date achieved 100 million cumulative views on LG Electronics’ YouTube channels over the globe including United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and so on. The campaign reflects LG’s ESG philosophy and leverages the company’s global presence to deliver a message of hope and sustainability to consumers world over. The that introduces the campaign shows the significant environmental impact of disposable fashion and the growing volume of clothing being thrown away every year after very little use – 5.8 million tons in Europe alone.2 Most importantly, the video highlights how consumers can play a part in improving the situation by taking better care of the clothes in their care, recycling old garments instead of discarding them and passing on unwanted items to others who will make use of them. LG’s range of laundry solutions, including washing machines, dryers and the Styler, can extend the lifespan of garments, cleaning and refreshing with thorough yet gentle care that minimizes fabric damage.3 The #CareForWhatYouWear campaign invites consumers to join the sustainable clothing movement and share how they keep their favorite items of clothing looking great season after season. As part of this campaign, LG is also collaborating with NET-A-PORTER, a leading online luxury fashion retailer, to offer a limited-edition line of stylish, environmentally-responsible clothing. Made from highly durable, machine washable materials, the collection was designed to be easily cared for at home without the need for dry cleaning’s harmful chemicals. # # # 1  2 “Textiles and the environment in a circular economy.” European Environment Agency, 2019. 3 Washing machine: AI DD provides 18 percent more fabric protection to help extend the lifespan of clothing. Tested by Intertek in March 2019, comparing Cotton cycle with 2kg of underwear to LG’s conventional Cotton cycle (F4V9RWP2W vs. FC1450S2W). AI DD available for three cycles (Cotton, Mixed Fabric, and Easy Care). Dryer and Styler: Using LG’s low temperature heat pump technology, LG DUAL Inverter Heat Pump Dryer and Styler help protect clothes from damage. Results may differ depending on load composition and environmental factors. link hidden, please login to view
    • @davexnet I could not comment on the UJ6500 models as I don't own one. I suspect that Default Settings are going to be set for "average" or "common"  set-ups or requirements, and every room will be different, as will every users "preferences" for what they feel is their best "perception" of good colours, contrast, and correct brightness.  All that will be very "subjective" for most owners, unless they have calibration equipment, or pay for a calibration service.  Having said that, many non-technical users will rarely venture into settings that they have no clue about, BUT here below is a (possibly) useful guide by LG that might prove beneficial to those who need to improve their picture, but are not sure what to tweak, or what "numbers" are good or bad. There are good hints in the text there, and good explanations. The table of what the 3 "modes" (Vivid,  Standard, Cinema) settings use as a starting point, is a useful guide/tool. link hidden, please login to view
    • I had the SHAHID app on my LG Smart TV. But it kept on refusing to open the plus shows though I am a plus subscriber. I tried to remove the app and reinstall it again. And I didn't find it on the store anymore. How can I fix this
    • On my 2017 LG uj6500, the out of the box experience is poor, the default settings are poor, and the color accuracy  / grey scale adjustments are poor.  This seems to be a common experience on the lower end TV's
    • So I had the extended coverage with Square Trade. They sent out a service tech and it was figured out the that WiFi card - part of the main mother board was bad. After a few attempts to replace it it was found that the connector was bad. They ended up covering it under the extended warranty and  refunded me my money to get a new TV. It did work for a few weeks better till I found the replacement TV and got the check. I did get a new one.. But if you are not covered by warranty, and have a little technical talent. You could take the back off and try to check the connectors   on the main Motherboard and WiFi Card. Seems to be a common problem on these TV.
    • When I go to the Wifi settings, it says I have to turn on Wifi before I can connect using WiFi. However I cant find anything in the settings to turn it on.
    • Since I've straightened the wires in the back of my tv and was able to connect to wifi once again instead of a wired connection I've had no problems. The pop up message has now disappeared also. Haven't tried connecting with a wired connection since (little scared to) to see if would work or go back the way it was with not been able to connect to wifi and seeing the pop ups again.

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