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Palm Pixi and Pixi Plus

Palm Pixi and Pixi Plus specs 600 MHz ARM 11 CPU, 2 MP Camera, 8 GB storage, 256 MB RAM (512 MB Plus) 320 x 400 pixels, 2.63 inches, Released September 2009 (March 2010 Plus).

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    • How can we place an icon in the LG Smart TV Home bar for a YouTube channel like France24 Live or Al Jazeera Live?
    • You can control Spotify on your TV if you get the  link hidden, please login to view from AudFree. It is powerful to download the Spotify music files freely. You may have a try. I can play the songs on my TV smoothly and offline. I like it.
    • Hello, I share audiovisual material (movies and series) with my brother who has an LG 49UK6400PLF and it has us crazy, because some subtitles do reproduce them and others do not. I have already tried internal and external subs and various formats, srt, ass, ssa, sub, and nothing, because some work and others do not. I would like to know at least the reason, to try to solve the matter. Regards.
    • When will HBO MAX be available?   
    • Please circulate the service bulletin number and name. Thx. 
    • I have this same behavior now On my OLED55B6P. The only things that have changed: 1. Verizon replaced my optical network terminal for my Fios service. 2. I updated my TV’s firmware   I can’t correlate the timing to one vs the other since the error messages about disconnection/reconnection aren’t always there. But since you’re all having the problem too, it seems like it must be some issue with LG’s firmware.  Everything else in my networking, wiring, routers, etc. have been unchanged for years. (Some Side rants) With the most recent firmware update, my Simplink functionality stopped working. I can’t get my LG DVD player and audio system to turn on when I switch to my TV optical output. I requested LG support multiple times on the Simplink issue and have not heard anything. It’s very frustrating.  With the update prior to that, my smart apps have started crashing far more often than they used to.  And the damn Disney+ app, unlike every other app, refuses to let me do a zoom to avoid letter boxing on 16:9 movies. It zooms but then letter boxing remains unchanged. Mind boggling.  (End side rants) Also, I tried a factory reset of the TV. It didn’t fix any of these issues.  This is my third LG Flatscreen TV. If this stuff can’t get resolved, it will likely be my last. 
    • There is no option to select the desired resolution, the default resolution is often times unbearable (i have good internet -> 200+ Mbit/s..), this used to be possible in the discontinued game streams application. Please add this feature in the future, it would really make the app worth using! 🙂
    • Hello were you able to resolve the issue? 

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