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Palm Pre and Pre Plus

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Palm Pre and Pre Plus specs include 600 MHz Cortex-A8 CPU, 3.15 MP Camera, 320 x 480 pixels, 3.1 inches, 8 GB storage (16 GB Plus), 256 MB RAM (512 MB Plus), Released October 2009 (May 2010 Plus).

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  2. Palm Touchstone Chargers

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    • @txydas Hi, thanks. I tried to find the item on ebay. But I realized that here, in IRAN, sanctioned by Ultimate Satan Administration (USA), it is a tedious task to buy using ebay or amazon or ... if not saying impossible, because a TV WiFi RF module may be used in nuclear warhead, according to them. LOL! anyway, per the experiences reported in this forum, I tried to see what the module is. At the first glance, and more and more scope, no obvious fault was detected. everything seemed to be OK. So I just disassembled the module and the ribbon cable at both the module's and mainboard's header. I experienced that the TV had little or no sense to magic control. So, the module was not a thing could be ignored. So I took some photos and reassembled them again after the only common remaining task, i.e. cleaning by a spray solvent. And now, it is for 3 days that the TV has operated flawlessly. Everything is OK; Magic control, WiFi, Screenshare, No message, No pause or delay in the stream display ... I wonder what the bug was and wonder whether it would be coming back? Who knows? It was recommended to me to substitute the TV to another model or brand. It is not my decision for now. So, It may be helpful if the users, who have replaced the module, say in please that if the same tasks were done before replacing?
    • I am not sure what you mean. My WiFi module worked fine and I never had a message on my tv screen about an unknown device until the latest software update.  I don’t take to blaming manufacturers lightly and never have done so before. I only came to this site about a month ago looking  guidance when I wasn’t finding  it on the lg support site.  The things that were suggested over there didn’t work and we were told they were working on a fix that didn’t come. Others with the problem tracked it to the WiFi module so I went there also. This is lg tv is a replacement for one that went bad while still under warranty. 
    • For the Free Movie internet channel, the movies you select as a on demand movie, how do you resume playback where I left off?
    • Excellent so users can definitely blame LG for the issues then, anyone else out there got information about their failed units?
    • Hi. I have a smart tv 49sj800v but unfortunately with my adsl modem tenda 201 v2 and  my TV found modem and not connect but and other wirlesses can found modem . Please help me.
    • Here is a picture of the WiFi module that I replaced. Everything is working fine now.
    • Please find attached the pictures of the faulty rf module. Since is a common fault on many tvs, please make arrangemnts for a replacement. I may send you my address if requested. Thanks Thomas xydas
    • This is a user-to-user forum, not a LG platform. As for the WiFi card issue, well the possibility is a bad batch of a product probably not made by LG.  It would be good to know the details of the modules that people have had to replace so that we can get some idea of what is going on.