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Palm Pre 2

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Palm Pre 2 specs include 1 GHz CPU, 5 MP Camera, 320 x 480 pixels, 3.1 inches, 16 GB storage, 512 MB RAM, Released October 2010.

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    • Hello There, My tv keeps increasing the volume. It differs by how much some times it jumps from 10 (my standard) to 11, sometimes to 14 and a lot of other random numbers between 10-100, it appears on the screen and the number increase in speed as someone is pushing a remote. Some facts from my situation: - I know it is not my own remote, as i've tried removing my remote batteries. - Theres no one on my network, except me. - It tends to happen more and more, the longer the tv has been turned on. - If i put my TV on standby, it turns on the next time it increases the volume. (This is not happening if i press the volume button on my magic remote, BUT it does happen when i use the joystick beneath the screen) My TV model is LG UF772TV and i currently run on webOS 04.25.85 i hope someone knows what to do, as it is seriously annoying. I dont have warranty anymore. If you have any questions, just shoot! Best Regards Asbjørn Dam    
    • Hi, I've recently purchased a WebOS TV UK6400PVC and magic remote came with it. The software version is 4.10.30. The buttons work fine but for some reason, I can't get the cursor to appear on screen. Appreciate the help. Thanks
    • Unable to find zee5 and hotstar app to install in LG webOS TV.  Please guide how to do it
    • Currently only mobiles with miracast can mirror their screens to the TV. Please add support for mirroring using google home app. Also add support for localcast which will be very very useful and flexible for casting.
    • Hi, I am havingl trouble with importing video file to internal storage of my company's  LG TV.  I have Store Mode enabled and when I open Store Mode settings, there is option "Copy video file from USB" but it's greyed out and I can't click on it. The TV can see USB drive and I can play the video file.  Any ideas what could be the problem here? Thanks in advance. PN: 24MT49S-PZ Martin
    • Estoy escribiendo esta respuesta usando Google Translate, así que perdona cualquier error en mi gramática. Desafortunadamente, por lo que puedo decir, Blim todavía no produce una aplicación para webOS. Mi consejo sería contactar a Blim y preguntarles si tienen planes para hacerlo, así como utilizar la página de contacto oficial de LG para hacer lo mismo. LG (en términos generales) no produce aplicaciones por sí mismo, pero pueden acercarse a Blim para ofrecer ayuda y consejos sobre cómo hacerlo ellos mismos. La página de contacto oficial de LG se puede encontrar aquí: https://www.cvent.com/surveys/Welcome.aspx? La página web de Blim puede no funcionar en el navegador web webOS por una variedad de razones. Es posible que simplemente no reconozca los navegadores que identifican la cadena que se rectificaría fácilmente. Lo más probable es que utilicen Adobe Flash, JavaScript no compatible, algún software de reproducción de video esotric o una combinación de los anteriores, esto sería, por supuesto, un problema mayor que solucionar.
    • I open Vizer in Localcast , my phone finds and conects to lgwebos device but it is not casting to tv. What I'm suppose to do?

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