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Palm Pre 2

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Palm Pre 2 specs include 1 GHz CPU, 5 MP Camera, 320 x 480 pixels, 3.1 inches, 16 GB storage, 512 MB RAM, Released October 2010.

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    • Hi George yes UK no option for overlapping regions after return still same missing channels and incorrect region.   Cheers  Keith
    • Hi @Coppertop Undertake another retune, at the end of the cycle you should be informed that you have overlapping regions.  Selection the correct options should hopefully cure the problem.  I am guessing that you are in the UK and have Freeview.
    • When I turn on a HDMI device and it wakes up my TV, the TV just… wakes up on the HDMI input used before it sleeps/turns off. I have then to manually change the input to the HDMI input/device I want to use - the one I used to wakes the TV up 😕  It's really annoying
    • My previous TV (Sony Bravia) has an automatic sleep after a time period without no remote control or TV button interactions. I miss this feature so much. I could set up the sleep time (40 minutes, 1h, 2h ...) on TV setup. Close to timeout, an overlaid message warns about the inactivity time and it'll be soon shutdown. I know my TV 55UM76 allows to use Sleep timer, but it isn't the same thing.
    • That's great, and I'm sure this thread will help others. It will be interesting to see when these OTT channels get round to adopting HBB TV so that the problem is resolved. Regarding the non-use of the magic remote, that's a shame but even with my old Humax Fox T2 I often find I reach for the Humax remote as the functionality with the magic remote on the Humax is very limited.
    • Hi Tony B Thanks for answering. I did eventually find that information too, so went ahead and bought one - those channels do indeed work fine. It is pretty good and has some thought put into the features - it's integration with UK catch up is good and I'm impressed it will suggest an alternative HD version if there is one when you record SD content. I'm only a bit disapointed that I can't find a way of setting up the LG magic remote to control it and also that you can't reorganise your favourites so that for example film4+1 appears under film 4 (as you can on the LG internal tuner). But, hey nothing is perfect :). The alternative was the Humax of course, but the reviews suggest that it is not very responsive. Good luck and thanks again for responding.  
    • ROKU has a search function that finds content available in the channel stream that it supports. You can then add the results to 'My Feed' so that you can quickly access content that you watch frequently. Is there a similar function in WebOS?  If not it seems that it would be a welcome addition. We subscribe to multiple streaming channels, on Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, CBS All Access, etc.. Often (we are old and forgetful) we cannot remember which channel we need to access to get our favorite shows. Not only that but all the apps access their content through sometimes daunting click sequences. It would be helpful if the were one app to access all connected content that provides a max 2-3 clicks to access.

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