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HP Veer

HP Veer specs include 800 MHz Scorpion CPU, 5 MP Camera, 320 x 400 pixels, 2.6 inches, 8GB (6.1 GB user available) storage, 4G AT&T, Released May 2011.

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    • Can the bluetooth on the LG TV allow support for 2 bluetooth headphones at the same time?   or Have bluetooth and TV audio play at the same time?   https://www.samsung.com/au/support/mobile-devices/what-is-the-dual-audio-feature/
    • I have the similar problem with my new oled55b9pla. I can not sign into Gmail. The internal webos4.5 browser is rejected by Google. What now...   
    • I just bought the oled55b9pla and found that my nfs share was inaccessible! With my Sony I bought in 2008 nfs was not a problem at all. I never thought this could be an issue in 2019 with a SMART TV. Not so smart after all. 
    • Not sure why LG TV people can buy if their operating systems are not compatible to create new apps immediately as per the customer's need.!  This is as good as Windows Phone Vs Android apps. These LG guys don't understand that because of these software apps their televisions are getting sell out. They want to make bother windows phone type of model in television industry and soon they will wiped out of they don't understand the customer's basic need.  
    • Subtitles look fine when I watch these video files on my computer. When I watch them on the TV, the text is all garbled with weird Arabic characters and other meaningless random symbols. I have the language set to English and I have tried all the different Roman fonts. What is going on and how do I fix this? I specifically got this TV so I could watch video files off my hard drive, but how can I watch samurai movies if I can't understand what the samurai are saying?!
    • Why does tv say file download not supported and how do I add stremio
    • Hi George yes UK no option for overlapping regions after return still same missing channels and incorrect region.   Cheers  Keith
    • Hi @Coppertop Undertake another retune, at the end of the cycle you should be informed that you have overlapping regions.  Selection the correct options should hopefully cure the problem.  I am guessing that you are in the UK and have Freeview.

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