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HP Veer

HP Veer specs include 800 MHz Scorpion CPU, 5 MP Camera, 320 x 400 pixels, 2.6 inches, 8GB (6.1 GB user available) storage, 4G AT&T, Released May 2011.

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    • Can I ask if you are able to cast to Youtube or Netflix from your phone? 
    • Well, I have given up on LG's WebOS mainly because there are few apps, badly implemented. Instead I bought an Amazon FireStick 4k, side loaded Kodi + Plex addon and now it works like a charm. The interface has virtually no lag (like WebOS has) and WiFi (ac) speed is grater than 200 mbps. And there are plenty of apps well implemented. Just an example - Plex official app on WebOS is almost unusable, it transcodes 4k video content unnecessarily, but the same content would direct play on Plex android app... LG should move to Android! IMO WebOS is exactly like Windows Mobile, a dead OS.  
    • Hi Update on this , BBC iplayer is not supported in these models using web browser , we have used Fire stick to get around this .
    • Hi All, Lots of thanks to everyone that has answered questions in this post. It has been very useful to me. I have now an strange trouble. Currently I have a C8 TV, and I have instaled the GbEthernet USB device, and it works fine. I have 300Mbps Upload and Dowload rate in the TV, which is the maximum that a USB 2 is capable. I have tested using the TV Web Browser and making a Internet Speed Test, having 300Mbps in Dowload and 295 in Upload, I have 600Mbps fiber connections). I play the videos using "Image and Video" standard application with a DLNA Synology Server (Video Station) in a DS220+ NAS. And the TV is connected via HDMI ARC to a Yamaha RX-V481 Home Cinema. I have also tested some of the JellyFish videos, and the system is capable to run smothly up the 180mbps 4k uhd hevc 10 bits link hidden, please login to view 180 Mbps 3840x2160 HEVC Main10 5.2 High 658 MB When i go to the resource monitor in the NAS, I can see the Network Thorughput. When playing Jelly180Mbps, the network adapter is in 25/28 Mbytes/s which is barely close to the 300Mbps that I have tested as my maximum suported. When trying the 200mbs file, it begin to suffer slowdowns.   So, apparently, I have solved the problem with the UHD rips... But... no... i don't. I have been making test with LOTR UHD Rips, with DTS sound in Spanish, French, Italian, and i'm still suffering with momentanium stops. And here is the strange things: - When playing LOTR Rip, the NAS Network Thorughput is under 15/17 Mbytes, that is much lower than my maximum supported and tested. - When this short stops occur, I can see in the display of the Yamaha Receiver, that the leds indicating the type of Sound (5.1, dts, etc...) they switch off, and then switch on again. - When I play this rip, from a USB Hard Disk docked directly to the TV USB, I dont have this problem.   Any ideas?    
    • Hi @Ahmed SC You can find the latest firmware to download here: https://www.lg.com/ae/support/product/lg-43UH617V  
    • @Ahmed SC You can only add apps to your TV from the LG store supplied to your TV in your country of use. However, you are about 5 firmware updates behind, as the latest is now  05.31.00, so ensure it IS connected to your home network, and retry the update check.
    • If you are using Chrome browser and I worry about online privacy. Then you should use an extension which gives you 100% secure browsing experience and complete online anonymity. Only PureVPN extension can give you all you need like data security, strong encryption, access geo locked content, different country IP addresses and more. So, don't wait and get hurry to add PureVPN extension on your chrome browser and enjoy anonymous browsing. link hidden, please login to view
    • Want a VLC alternative? Share you with the totally free JoyoPlayer from link hidden, please login to view. It can play all videos, even  including 3D, 4K, UHD videos and audios on Windows and Mac. It comes with multiple play modes and preferences settings.

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