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  3. I wouldn't by another LG, I like this one too, but just to annoying having to put up with the notification.
  4. Great TV, but it’s ridiculous to have to put up with it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I had a update a little while ago on my TV, but it still pops up, I just ignore it now as I never found a solution.
  6. I called LG customer service and they wanted me to do a total reset on the tv. I was afraid it would wipe out my calibration that was done by a professional calibrator , so I didn’t try it. There has had to be some solution.
  7. I accidently changed the value for the setting "H-PLL NTSC" to 1 in the Service Menu. It was on "0" before, but now I cannot change it back to "0". Only values between 1 and 100 are possible. Does anybody know how to change it back to 0? A factory reset or an Instop Reset didn't work. What is H-PLL? If I don't get the value back to 0, what should it be from 1-100? (I'm in Scandinavia if that matters ref PAL/NTSC)
  8. I see this as a requirement for security reasons, not a wish list item. A "wish" would be new feature support for 5+ years.
  9. Lg Content Store Cleanup.. Except the ones that are not rated.. Remove apps that are below 4 start ratings from LG Content Store
  10. Web Browser Update Required on all WebOS TVs
  11. Please add the educational apps like Udemy, Coursera, LinuxAcademy in LG Content Store.. Or else at least update the Default Web Browser in WebOS .. Its is very old.. and doest support anything
  12. I would try to strip the .MKV from the title and try again. My 65 inch Oled E8 TV does not supper MKV files and I take MKV off the title and they seem to play OK.
  13. Thanks for your inpt. Sounds complicated and that would be the next resort if I can't find out a straight answer from LG about what their own bios does in this situation. It still doesn't resolve the same issues with Youtube, Netflix, etc... Guess what I'm asking is are these apps native to the TV system, and then only adapted later when opened up under a sign in or local IP.
  14. Why don't you download the firmware from UK website and update manually?
  15. I've moved my UK LG tv temporarily to France. If I update the firmware will it become French specific? Also, if I update the apps off the LG page or on my TV, will they become French specific. The French focused censorship, programming and the exclusive dubbing of original film languages in French is the last thing I want to deal with. I would like to be using the most current apps and firmware, but I'll continue with old stuff if it risks being captured by French limitations.
  16. Hi, I am not able to find prime now app in the LG content store. There is no browser available, can you please let me know how can I install Prime app?
  17. You are saying that other people have firmware 4.0 or 5.0 for SM8200?
  18. Here in Belgium 43UK6300PLB Version: 5.10.10 Is there a way to test beta software?
  19. Why? Usb2.0 is more than fast enough. Even the highest bit rate 4k hdr stuff is way less than it can handle that at peak.
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