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[On the Job] LG StanbyME Go, the Seamless Content Enjoyment Anywhere, Anytime

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In this installment of On the Job, we go inside LG Home Entertainment Company’s Total Experience Development Department, Product Planning Team and Design Lab.

Have you ever missed your TV when traveling or on a camping trip? With LG StanbyME Go, users no longer need to be without their TVs as they can now watch their favorite shows anyplace, anytime with minimal effort.

Let’s get a behind-the-scenes account of how LG StanbyME Go came to be.

(From left to right) Park Ji-won, senior manager of the HE Product Planning Team, Kim Yong-seok, senior manager of the HE Design Lab, and Park Ho-sung, leader of the Total Experience Development Department

“Our journey began with the pledge to create something entirely new, driven by bold ideas,” said Park Ji-won, senior manager of the Home Entertainment (HE) Product Planning Team, who also commented on the exceptional teamwork of LG’s engineers, product planners and designers who contributed to crafting a truly unique TV that had never been seen before.

With the successful launch of the LG StanbyME, developing a new product with fresh ideas was no easy task. LG began by observing how users interact with the StanbyME and noticed many users bringing this product outdoors to consume content while enjoying outdoor activities. “Seeing customers taking StanbyME outdoors was beyond our expectations and this inspired ideas for covers and bags to protect the screen, but we ultimately decided to focus on improving the product itself,” said Park Ji-won.

Park Ji-won, senior manager of the HE Product Planning Team

“In regard to materials, we considered durability and chemical reactions which was like solving a 1000-piece puzzle. There is no standard or reference for developing and designing such products because this is a totally new product that’s never been seen before,” said Kim Yong-seok, senior manager of the HE Design Lab. “The journey has been far from easy, as we had to conduct countless durability tests, including dropping the case from specific heights and having six people stand on it to ensure its viability.” According to Kim, they selected plastic as the primary material for its exceptional chemical stability, confirmed through tests with various sunscreens commonly used during outdoor activities.

Kim Yong-seok, senior manager of the HE Design Lab

At first, camping wasn’t the main concept of LG StanbyME Go. As LG explored creative ideas to enhance usability and portability, they listened to valuable feedback from consumers who requested bags provided as branded goods. After months of consideration, LG’s designers and engineers struck upon the concept of ‘a bag.’ “Given my decade-long experience with camping, I realized it could be adapted for outdoor camping use,” said Kim. “At this point, confidence in the product started to grow.”

The teams of designers and engineers considered ideas like adding wheels and a dedicated stand to enhance versatility and convenience, allowing users to enjoy entertainment experiences free from space limitations. After analyzing the feedback from over 400 customers around the world, the team realized that people preferred a TV they can watch both indoors and outdoors without restrictions. “People who go camping frequently want a product they can use at a campsite as well as in their living room,” said Park Ho-sung, leader of Total Experience Development Department. Based on this feedback, the developers considered the content and features that everyone can enjoy, which led them to the digital fireplace.

Park Ho-sung, leader of the Total Experience Development Department

But they didn’t stop there and focused on how to deliver more intriguing features which led to the invention of front-firing speakers and a suitcase cover that was not featured in the earlier model. “The turntable concept was our eureka moment, and we’re delighted by the positive reception from consumers for the turntable music skins,” said Park Ho-sung.


LG StanbyME Go also provides users with high convenience as it automatically turns its screen on when the case is opened. Even when turned off, the screen proves useful as it can be set to display images that help users relax or heighten the atmosphere.

Furthermore, the stunning details and colors provided by Dolby Vision elevate visual content, while Dolby Atmos supports an immersive, three-dimensional audio experience that brings content to life. With the holiday season fast approaching, LG StanbyME Go even comes with games that can keep the whole family entertained and make it easy to create memories that last a lifetime.

In addition to unmatched functionality, the LG StanbyMe Go case features compartments for storing remote controls and the power cable for convenience. Thanks to the corrosion resistance and premium materials, it is a durable case that reduces the risk of damage and scratches when taken outdoors.


LG StanbyME Go is aligned with customer trends by providing an elevated viewing experience on the go. LG is thrilled at the prospect of enriching people’s lives and everyday experiences in new, unexpected ways. The company will continue to think from the customer’s perspective, striving to offer the features and content they seek while enabling lifestyles that resonate with them completely.

At IFA 2023, LG StanbyME Go garnered prestigious recognition from numerous media, including ‘Best of IFA Awards.’ Notably, popular tech media outlets commended LG StanbyME Go as the standout product of IFA 2023, introducing it as an exciting piece of camping and travel gear.

To discover more behind-the-scenes stories about LG’s latest innovations, stay tuned to

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