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Alexa Issues with Routines

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i have created an Alexa routine for my LG C2 Oled 55 inch TV which will play Youtube video at the end but somehow alexa is manage to do that but without audio, the video plays well but audio doesnt even if the TV is not on Mute... I had tried it many a times increasing decreasing volume but it does not work.

but when i say alexa again while the video is playing (without audio) then hit back button to close alexa prompt then suddenly the audio starts playing... so i suspect it has to do something with audio takeover by alexa, i dont know for sure plz suggest

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I have the same problem, when it's on OPEN TV and I say ALEXA OPEN YOUTUBE, it opens but the videos don't come out with sound and if I go back to any other APP (NETFLIX/PRIME/TV/HDMI) the sound doesn't work anymore, I I have to unplug it to get the sound back. Firmware bug? Did you manage to fix it?

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I have a similar problem. Turning off the tv at night using the tv sleep settings is very cumbersome to access, so I set up a routine using the Alexa app on my iPhone to turn off the tv 30 minutes after I tell Alexa I am going to sleep. The next time the tv is turned on it has no sound. The only way to fix it is to unplug the tv, then plug it back in.

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1 hour ago, DonaldG said:

Eu tenho um problema similar. Desligar a tv à noite usando as configurações de suspensão da tv é muito complicado de acessar, então configurei uma rotina usando o aplicativo Alexa no meu iPhone para desligar a tv 30 minutos depois de dizer à Alexa que vou dormir. Na próxima vez que a TV for ligada, ela não terá som. A única maneira de consertar é desconectar a TV e conectá-la novamente.

Open ticket in LG, I did that and they said they passed it on to technical support, who knows if more people do it they'll solve it with a firmware.

One thing I noticed if you turn on the TV with voice command, this problem tends to decrease, say turn on the TV, then volume 15 (example) doing this, it stopped being silent for a while.

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If your LG TV keeps going to Alexa, there could be several reasons for this issue. Here are some potential solutions:
  • Check your TV's settings: Make sure that the TV is not set up to automatically launch Alexa when it turns on. You can usually find this setting in the TV's settings menu under "Alexa" or "Voice Control." Disable this feature and see if it resolves the issue.
  • Disable Alexa on your TV: If you don't use Alexa on your TV, consider disabling the feature altogether. You can usually do this in the TV's settings menu under "Alexa" or "Voice Control."

If the issue persists, then this might help you - 

link hidden, please login to view

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