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Slow internet speeds



I have recently bought a 48 inch lg oled.  For some reason I am getting super slow internet speeds no faster than 10 megabits at the tv even though I have Fiber internet.  I have it directly connected with cat 5 Ethernet cable to my Internet providers gateway.  I tested  the same cable and port with other devices and I am getting near 1 gig of speed.  What gives 

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Hi, May I ask how you test the ethernet speed ?

Also the ethernet interface on LG TV is limited to 100 mb/s.

If you have netflix you can test your internet speed from within neflix.

On my LG Oled C7 I connected a usb 3 ethernet adapter. The LG TV will say something is connected and you cannot use this ethernet adapter to update the firmware for instance.

But when using netflix or other apps it will use the ethernet adapter.

With netflix testing i have about 700 mb/s now instead of the 94 when using the tv's ethernet adapter.


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This is a great solution to getting around the 100 Mbps limit on the TV's Ethernet connection. I have a 1 Gbps fiber connection and have been frustrated by this limit -- even though my LG webOS OLED TV is wired into the router using Cat 5e cable I only get about 100 Mbps and sometimes experience buffering when streaming movies. So I'm definitely trying this.

BTW, you can test speed using Speedtest by Ookla, available here: 

link hidden, please login to view
. As long as you can pull up a web browser on your TV you can use this site.


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Follow up: so I connected the Ethernet cable to a USB 3.0 to Ethernet adapter and plugged it in to the TV's USB port. 

My download speed went from 95 Mbps to 346 Mbps. The reason it didn't go higher (it's a 1 Gbps fiber connection) is, I think, because the TV uses USB 2.0 version in its ports, which aren't capable of 1 Gbps speeds.

But for $14 I essentially more than tripled my download speed.

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Posted (edited)

I found a way to boost my download speed! I went into the connection settings on my TV and switched the IP address to manual. Then, I entered a custom IP address that works on my network instead of using the automatic setting. This bumped up my download speed from 7 MB to 22 MB! Just make sure the IP address you choose isn't already in use on your network.

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