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ABC Iview has stopped working on my LG smart TVs.

Rex G


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I'm also having issues wth playback stuttering and various error codes - codes this far 1003, 6007, 3916. This has been happening for approximately 10 days; no issues previously 

Rebooted modem,  which temporarily works but then problem re-presents.  Re-linked TV to app with no success on eliminating errors. 

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On 4/17/2022 at 3:34 PM, Rex G said:

It starts ok but when I select a program it just sits there with the 'wheel' turning. It works ok on my phone and ipad. Have tried updating tv operating system and iview app but they seem to be at the latest version. Anyone else having problems?


Yes, Yes i have exactly as you describe. Netflix and SBS on Demand both work fine but iView stopped last week.

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On 4/17/2022 at 3:34 PM, Rex G said:

It starts ok but when I select a program it just sits there with the 'wheel' turning. It works ok on my phone and ipad. Have tried updating tv operating system and iview app but they seem to be at the latest version. Anyone else having problems?


Same  for me. LG WebOS latest version. iView app latest version (uninstalled, reinstalled, relinked, logged in). I know iView is no longer supported on an older LG Smart TV but, in that case the app doesn't even start. This time it starts, refreshes catalogue, navigates, launches a show/channel then just doesn't stream.

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Inability to access Australia's  ABC Iview is likely due to the need to log into iview with a valid email and password which became necessary a few weeks ago.

link hidden, please login to view

On your TV you should get a message saying go here:

and a 4 character code to link a signed in device to the TV.

Worked fine for me.


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The problem started for me when iview forced me to sign about two weeks ago. I set up an account, linked to the tv, selected a show and the video wouldn't play. The wheel just kept spinning . It worked fine the day before when I didn't have to log in. I tried relinking the user, reinstalling iview, rebooted modem, checked tv updates but nothing worked.

Finally I got sick of not being able to watch anything so I reset the tv to factory default and reinstalled iview, which fixed the problem. Now I just have to hide all the of the shopping channels and install the other apps. 

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17 minutes ago, Rex G said:

Thanks Drew

did a factory reset and worked for me too!  Still haven’t received an answer from LG (apart from an acknowledgment and request for software versions) - maybe they will see these posts

LG responded to me and are attributing the issue to Abciview and have referred the master to them.  I have always used Abciview whilst signed in so not sure if that is actually my issue. That being said, the other day and  for the first time in weeks, I could watch uninterrupted so let's see how it goes.  

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