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Hooking TiVo to my new LG 50" UP76 TV



My new LG 50UP76 TV does not see my TiVo, attached via HDMI going through a receiver. My Roku and DVD player also go through that receiver, with output to TV and external speakers. I can switch inputs on the receiver to determine what goes to the TV. I have Spectrum, which feeds into the TiVo through a Cisco signal converter box provided by Spectrum (Time Warner, actually). Those pre-TV connectors are all the usual coax cable. I've used the TiVo as the live TV selector on the Samsung that recently died. How do I go about getting my new LG to see the TiVo? Also, I have a Roku box that appears when I select HDMI as input, but the implementation on LG inexplicably jumped me to a Hulu page, offering Sign Up or Trial, but no exit back to Roku menu. Any ideas on this? About ready to return the LG and just get another Samsung, even though I've heard bad things about their new software.

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I have a similar situation. You don’t say which model TiVo you have, so I’ll just tell you my experience.

As best I can figure out, my TiVo Roamio does not by default support HDMI-CEC, which is the control protocol that lets components communicate and control one another through the HDMI connections  (LG's name for this is SIMPLINK). Depending on the TiVo model and "TiVo Experience" software you’re running, you might be able to enable it, but without the HDMI-CEC feature, I’ve never had my LG C1 "see" the TiVo. 

This is not a problem in my case, because I use my receiver to select which external source component I want to view. Although I still select the Blu Ray player and Apple TV box via the receiver, the LG will "see" and can control my Blu Ray player and Apple TV box as long as HDMI-CEC is enabled for both.

I understand I can update my Roamio to "TiVo Experience 4" or higher to get the HDMI-CEC functionality, which should let the C1 see and control it. But as I say I let my receiver do all my source switching, so I’ve never tried. 

Hope this helps. 

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