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How to stop the loud startup static? It's very loud.

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I am currently using this TV only to view internet content.  I am using the built-in wifi and ethernet connections.  But the TV starts up into maximally loud static every time and I haven't found a way around this.  Just about anything else would be better.  It could autodetect and mute the static.  Or it could start into the Apps screen.  Or it could start into my preferred app.  Or it could just start into a blank screen.  Whatever.  Just not loud, loud static.

I read someone was able to set parental controls to get rid of the cable channels so it didn't start into static but that didn't work for me -- I deleted and locked all static channels but it still starts up into one of them.

I guess more people have had success giving it an HDMI input and setting that as default -- I can't find the menu item to do that, maybe I need to actually connect an HDMI input? I don't have one readily available.  It seems silly to spend money on an extra streaming box to mostly do things that are built into my $900 TV, because it was designed to blast static on my speakers every time it starts up.

So -- are there any other possibilities to solve this problem? 

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OK this is the best solution I've found so far:

1) Tune the TV to one of the free "LG Channels"

2) Block all channels, including that one.

Then you open to a quiet screen telling you the current channel is blocked.  Silly this is the best thing to do, but at least it's not static!

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The order might have been the reverse of that, I dunno. To block all channels you go into the "Safety" settings, enter the default password, and move them all to deleted and locked.  Then you can still select a channel in the LG channels screen but it won't display, and it will start back up at that screen instead of the loud static.  It would still be better if we could start directly to Apps but at least now I don't need to worry as much about blowing out my ears and speakers every time I turn on my expensive new TV.

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Hi Alley Cat,

I just purchased a new G! model and have the same issue as you. I don't use a streaming box (ROKU, etc.), but instead have ethernet going from my router straight into the TV. Then it's optic out for audio going to my home theater amp for sound. Every time I turn on the TV, it starts with one of the LG channels. I have to press the Home button to change to the Web OS screen. Is there a way to have Web OS startup initially, rather than any other source?

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